Mind Mapping for Business Productivity 17 May 2016

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Mind Mapping for Business Productivity 17 May 2016 by Mind Map: Mind Mapping for  Business Productivity 17 May 2016

1. Welcome

1.1. About Biggerplate

1.1.1. The Home of Mind Mapping

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1.2. About You: Visual Explorer

1.2.1. What does productive feel like?

1.2.2. What does unproductive feel like?

1.3. About Today

1.3.1. Workshop Elements Mind mapping Business Productivity Daily Uses

1.3.2. Learning Progression

2. Business Productivity

2.1. What do we mean?

2.1.1. Working effectively in line with overall business plans and priorities

2.2. Why does it matter?

2.2.1. Information Overload Lots coming at us Lots in our heads

2.2.2. We're all under pressure Time Tasks Teams

2.3. Group Review

2.3.1. Drains & Blockers? Meetings Too many Not effective What's the objective Information Lacking key info Info spread out Lack of clarity Objectives Priorities Interruptions Phone calls E-mail People Process Gets in the way Slows you down Or lack of... Negative people Moaning Energy sappers

2.3.2. Productivity Enablers? Teamwork Positive inputs Problem solving Pro-active Can do Clarity of thinking Starting points Sequence Writing Objectives Priorities Focus Avoid multi-tasking Leadership Clear objectives Info shared well Environment Out/in office

3. Mind Mapping

3.1. "Visual organisation of ideas and information"

3.2. Facts/Fiction

3.2.1. True Personal What works for you Contextual Consider audience Adaptable

3.2.2. False Right/wrong way Unstructured/messy Panacea for all

3.3. Exercise: Reproduce Map

3.4. Group Review

3.4.1. General thoughts? Writing More/less detail I used to do this... Consider audience Simple view More info Different styles Neatness Artistic flourish?

3.4.2. Paper Pros Do it anywhere Quick Cheap Preference No restrictions... Slows me down Cons Changing/moving Making mistakes Running out of space Sharing

3.4.3. Software Pros Facilitate One stream Presentation Zoom in/out Loss/storage Agile Link to other apps Speed Cons Limitations Learning curve Cost User input More screens

4. SWOT Mapping

4.1. What & Why?

4.1.1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

4.1.2. Clarify context for decision making

4.1.3. Identify key areas for attention

4.1.4. Align with business priorities

4.2. Exercise: SWOT

4.2.1. Part 1 Post-it Capture

4.2.2. Part 2 Batch and Group

4.2.3. Part 3 Convert into mind map

4.2.4. Part 4 Discuss with neighbour Explain your story Listen to their story Add any new ideas

4.2.5. Part 5 Identify Top 3 items in your map

4.3. Group Review

4.3.1. Post it section Skip post its? Helps go broad

4.3.2. Batching helps

4.3.3. Playing with ideas Helps ideas Create clarity Leads to priorities

4.3.4. Briefing others Testing ideas Quick understanding

4.4. Exercise: Hybrid SWOT

5. Productive Mapping

5.1. Capture

5.1.1. Principles Clear your mind! Brain capacity Confidence Relax! Capture everything Quantity (not quality) Worry later Group similar ideas Connections Themes

5.1.2. Features Add and move topics Move things Add info 2nd layer information Notes Hyperlinks

5.2. Prioritise

5.2.1. Principles You can't action 100 priority items Prioritisation = Decision Making Focusing resources Understand trade offs What not to do Top 3 Thinking Task 1 Task 2 Task 3

5.2.2. Features Sort & Re-order Prioritise Top to Bottom Numbering Icons/Markers Priorities Urgent

5.3. Plan

5.3.1. Principles "Plans are useless, but planning is invaluable" Adaptable planning Flexible systems Accommodate new info Avoid starting over...! Break things down Smaller tasks Manageable actions What, Who, When Action required Owner of actions Order of actions

5.3.2. Features Task Information What, who, when...

5.4. Progress

5.4.1. Principles Finishing v Progressing We stress about unfinished We're pleased with progress Moveable or "completable" 'Nudge' 100 things forward Multiple projects Context Switching Monitor & Review 'Glance access' Info at your fingertips Provides signposts

5.4.2. Features Progress Markers Moved/Unmoved % Complete Mind Map Filters

6. Key Templates

6.1. Personal Organiser (Weekly Planner)

6.1.1. Draw 6 main branches (or alternatives)

6.1.2. Populate your map Part 1 Names, tasks, ideas, problems... (Refer back to SWOT) Part 2 Discuss with neighbour Apply Top 3 Thinking

6.1.3. Hybrid Map

6.1.4. Group Review

6.2. Meeting Planner

6.2.1. Choose a meeting/call/event

6.2.2. Draw these branches (POST)

6.2.3. Add next level info P: Why are you having this meeting? O: What do you want to get out of it? S: How does meeting progress? T: When, time of day, duration

6.2.4. Group Review

6.3. Lessons Learned

6.4. Client/Project Manager

6.4.1. Add clients/projects to new map

6.4.2. Add secondary topics Objectives Actions Top 3 Other People Research SWOT

6.5. Group Review

7. Conclusions

7.1. E-Learning Access

7.2. Further Information

7.3. Checking Out