Past Simple vs. Past Perfect

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Past Simple vs. Past Perfect by Mind Map: Past Simple vs. Past Perfect

1. Past Perfect

1.1. When we use it

1.1.1. For reports what people had said, thought or believed.

1.1.2. For talking about what happened before some point in the past How? Look back on actions in the past from the present

1.1.3. Express the cause of another past action/state

1.1.4. To emphasize the fact that certain activity was completed or finished by a certain time in the past

1.1.5. With Reported speech

1.1.6. When we wont to show our dissatisfaction with the past

1.2. Time expressions

1.2.1. Ever

1.2.2. Never

1.2.3. Since

1.3. Word formation

1.3.1. Regular verbs Had and the -ed form Positive form Negative form Interrogative form

1.3.2. Irregular verbs Had and Past Participle

2. Past Simple

2.1. When we use it

2.1.1. To talk about actions in the past that have finished How? It talks about 'then' and excludes 'now

2.1.2. For a past action when the time is given

2.1.3. When we report about past events in chronological order

2.1.4. When we talk about longer action that have a duration which started and stoped in the past

2.1.5. For describing a habit which stopped in the past

2.1.6. For repeated past actions or habits

2.1.7. For describing past facts or generalizations which are no longer true

2.2. Time expresions

2.2.1. Yesterday

2.2.2. Ago

2.2.3. Last year

2.2.4. In 1991

2.2.5. At 3 o'clock

2.2.6. From Monday to Friday

2.3. Word formation

2.3.1. Regular verbs Positive form add -ed to the base form Negative form Interrogative form

2.3.2. Irregular verbs Can change in many different ways Positive form Negative form Interrogative form