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mind maps, flow charts, logic and programming by Mind Map: mind maps, flow charts, logic and programming
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mind maps, flow charts, logic and programming

Intrdoduction to the concepts of programming

mind maps


Inspiration, not installed, expensive

Freemind, installed, open source

Collabio, not installed, open source

other terms often associated with

graphic organizers

brain storming


organizing ideas, essays, tasks, problem identification

getting thoughts down quickly

flow charts


lots of them out there

Gliffy, on the web, Untitled, free

Visio, not installed, expensive


organizing ideas, pseudo coding

organizing logic, goes to, procedures, step by step, instructions, list of tasks, decision making process, found in, life, business, programming, pseudo coding, concept of dry running, metacognition, 'thinking through what-if" statements', if then else, Scripting, object oriented programming, rough outline of programming process, identify problem to solve, What's the itch you want to scratch?, map out ideas, basic flow chart of procedures, identify requirements for code, plan for reusable code wherever possible, proof of concept code, test the code, exception catch / trap, How does your application handle unexpected input?, banging on keyboard, a number instead of a letter, etc, This is quite a good metaphor for what happens in life., dry run of code, test data, should include data that will throw exceptions, full development, allocate resources, Untitled