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Monetizing any Project Make $10,000 a month with minimal effort by Mind Map: Monetizing any Project
 Make $10,000 a month 
with minimal effort
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Monetizing any Project Make $10,000 a month with minimal effort


STEP 1: Break down what content I want to create for project [, audio, video, PDF, manuals, etc]

What do I envision the theme of the product to be?

STEP 2: Define the content development costs and time to complete each content type

Do I have existing content that can be repurposed? [ie. footage from a seminar]

STEP 3: Calculate total development costs and production time

STEP 4: Determine how many units I need to sell to recoup development costs

ie Total costs are $250. 20 units at $20 a piece = $400 which leaves a profit of $150

STEP 5: Prepare to test the concept to ensure it has the potential to generate $10,000 a month with minimal effort following the next steps

STEP 6: Do keyword research to discover the size of the potential customers and if I can compete with existing products

Use this tool for free keyword research

Hire someone to do keyword research for you by clicking on the arrow

Choose key term to research [ie. "dog training:]

See how many people search that term monthly

Calculate the CTR at 1% using the monthly searches, This is how many people would click on my online ad (PPC - Pay Per Click), EXAMPLE: There are 22,876 searches on Google for "dog training". Of those 1% come to my site = 228.76 visitors to my site

STEP 7: Calculate website conversion rate at 1-2%

Take the total number of site visitors from the CTR calculation in STEP 6 and multiply that number by the on site conversion rate to determine how many site visitors will purchase, EXAMPLE: At a 1.5% conversion rate 3.43 site visitors purchase (228.76 x .015 = 3.43)

STEP 8: Calculate estimated profit

EXAMPLE: 228.76 potential customers come to my site (Monthly searches x CTR) of those site visitors 1.5% purchase my product that has an average cost of $X which results in $Y profit

STEP 9: Research the cost each time someone clicks on your PPC ad (Pay Per Click) to determine advertising cost

Tool: Google AdWords

ie 50 cents per click

STEP 10: Calculate Advertising Cost

EXAMPLE 50 cents per click x 228.76 clicks (from step 6) = $114.38

STEP 11: Calculate post advertising profit

STEP 12: Evaluate the ROI% of post advertising profit

EXAMPLE: $428.72 in pre advertising profit for $114.38 in advertising (PPC) is 375% ROI which is great

STEP 13: Do the same calculations with another key term

brands names


related topics

STEP 14: Calculate ROI of each key term, add up all advertising costs and determine success of project before you even begin

FINALLY: Quit your day job and gain control of your life


The book that taught me this process flow

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