12th Grade Graduation

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12th Grade Graduation by Mind Map: 12th Grade Graduation

1. student checkout

1.1. get your teacher to sign you off as having returned your book

2. When do they get their report cards/ grades?

3. find a speaker

3.1. topic?

3.2. find a teacher

4. find a location

4.1. American University

4.1.1. How much does it cost?

4.1.2. Is it indoors?

4.1.3. Will there be food?

5. time

5.1. duration?

6. logistics

6.1. Who is managing this?

6.2. school busses?

6.3. invitations

6.3.1. maps

6.3.2. how many guests per student?

6.4. parking

6.4.1. maps

6.5. dress code

6.5.1. graduation robes? rental how much do they cost what company

6.5.2. street clothes?

6.6. dress rehearsal of ceremony?

6.7. who is printing the diplomas?

6.8. number of attendees?