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Grounded Theory Method by Mind Map: Grounded Theory Method
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Grounded Theory Method

Major works of Classical Grounded theory

The Discovery of Grounded Theory

Glaser, B., & Strauss, A. (1967). The Discovery of Grounded Theory. New York: Aldine de Grutyer.

Theoretical Sensitivity

Glaser, B. G. (1978). Theoretical sensitivity. Mill Valley, CA,Sociology Press

Doing Grounded Theory

Glaser, B. G. (1998). Doing Grounded Theory: Issues and Discussions. Mill Valley CA: Sociology Press.

Grounded Theory: The Philosophy, Method, and Work of Barney Glaser

Martin, V. B., & Gynnild, A. (2011). Grounded Theory: The Philosophy, Method, and Work of Barney Glaser.


get information proposal and glaser

substantive area

Types of Data

Data sources


GT Workflow

The five S's Glaser, B. G. (1998). Doing Grounded Theory: Issues and Discussions. Mill Valley California: Sociology Press.(p.15)  

Stages of GT process, Odis Simmons

Saldana's Coding protocols

Saldana, J. (2009). The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers. Sage Publications Ltd.

Qualitative Methods


Case Study

Collaborative Inquiry

Narrative Research


Grounded theory

Quantitative Methods

Some question as to whether GT is quantitative or quatitative Infact it it neither or both  

Evidence Based Research

Double Blind

Grounded Theory

Theoretical Reasoning



Logical Fallacies

Basic Social Processes

Action Oriented


Appreciative Inquiry

Action Science

Grounded Action

Systems Theory

Action Science

Dr. Russell Ackoff video re- systems thinking. Uses synthesis rather than analysis. Three steps to synthesis contrasted with analysis

Issues for Grounded Theory Dissertations

Concept Paper

Literature Review

Basics Chapter 6


Data collection


Research Question

Basics p. 24

GT Developers

Glaser and Strauss

Web Resources

Grounded Theory Online

Grounded Theory Process on SAGE

A Thumbnail Sketch

Online Grounded Theory Articles

Grounded Theory Institute

Barney Glaser on YouTube

Participant work

Pat Ch 3

GTM Skills and aptitudes

Theoretical sensitivity

Borrowed from a PPT shared by Lovelace Owusu Asante of the University of Leicester On the discussion board of the Research Gate social network

Plus Mentoring paper ideas


Web based teaching and learning

QDA descriptive