The Seven Pillars of Innovation

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The Seven Pillars of Innovation by Mind Map: The Seven Pillars of Innovation

1. Evidence Based Practice

1.1. Clinical expertise

1.1.1. personal expeirences

1.2. Research

1.2.1. best available

1.2.2. most relevant

1.3. Patient

1.3.1. Values

1.3.2. Preferences

1.4. Steps

1.4.1. Question about patient

1.4.2. conduct research

1.4.3. Determine research Validity Usefulness

1.4.4. Work with patient

1.4.5. Evaluate Self Patient quality of life

2. Finance

2.1. Funding

2.1.1. Clinical trials

2.1.2. Hospitals

2.1.3. Clincis Free

2.1.4. Research Cures Innovation Diseases New Anitbiotics Antimicrobials

2.2. Health policy

2.2.1. Health insurance coverage

2.2.2. Health care spending

2.2.3. Physician payment

2.2.4. Access To care

2.3. Management

2.3.1. Money

3. Policy

3.1. Health Policy

3.1.1. Medicare Physicians payment MACRA CMS How much to pay them

3.1.2. Affordable care act Increased Health insurance coverage

3.1.3. Health care spending Highest GDP

3.1.4. Personal Code of conduct Nursing code of ethics Physicians oath Benfience Patients advocate

4. Technology and Communication

4.1. Medical Technology

4.1.1. Advancements Earlier Diagnosis Personalized Treatments Examples Google glass 3D printing Robot Health check chair

4.2. Preventative

4.2.1. Patient care Switch "Sick care"

4.3. Everyday techology

4.3.1. iPhones Built in Health tracking Health information accessibile

4.3.2. Wristbands Fitnesss trackers

5. Innovation Process

5.1. Need

5.1.1. New ideas Cures Antibiotics

5.1.2. Restructure Outdated Systems Science Information Frames Drugs

5.2. Challenge

5.2.1. Disease Uncurable Lou Gehrigs Disease Muscular Dsytrophy Cancer Alzheimer's Virus's New Adapting

5.2.2. Services Availability Patient Care

5.3. Implementation

5.3.1. Trying New Ideas Evaluating

6. Leadership Structure

6.1. Foundation

6.1.1. Societys

6.1.2. Organizations

6.1.3. Governments

6.1.4. Hospitals Board of Directors Intern FIrst year Resident Chief of Surgery Attendee Patients Nurses

6.2. Leaders

6.2.1. Strengths Recognition Foreman Initiator Planner Structurer Prudent Charismatic

6.2.2. Weaknesses Assertive Prompt Controlling Greedy Unattentive

7. Outcomes

7.1. Result

7.1.1. Implementing innovations New technology New scientific discoveries

7.1.2. Using evidence practive patient outcomes quality of life Physicians self evaluation

7.1.3. Health policy reforms Health care spending Physicians payment Health insurance coverage