First Bridge

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First Bridge by Mind Map: First Bridge

1. ideas: --What seperates us as humans from animals, and what seperates us from Machines? --Is a man his body, or is he his mind? --From where does our concept of "ego" come? Is there such thing as an I? How does this integrate into society, and how has this idea of self and society evolved over time? --What does cybernetic mean, and how to we seperate ourselves from our extensions? --How do we conceptualize things in our very mind?

2. concepts: --Sassoune and linguistics --res extensa --res cogitens --collective intelligence --fragmented identity --Natural cybors --Egocentricism --Fort/Da --Scaling/Models as metaphors, and vice versa --Ways in which we conceive or make the world, through exaggeration, decimation, etc --Memory as intelligence --"Qualia"

3. skills: --Working with models, such as scale models, or even understanding more quotidian models, such as numbers or the alphabet. --Integrating this model concept into simulated environments and programs, and exploring psychological aspects --Taking these psychological texts to works of Cartesian science fiction, suffusing them with the ideas of FirstBridge and asking questions and posing concepts outlined in the "Ideas" tab.