Narrative Essay

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Narrative Essay by Mind Map: Narrative Essay

1. First basketball game in high school

1.1. nervous

1.2. Scared I might make a mistake that affects my team

1.3. Confusing with all the cheerleaders, friends, people from other schools

1.4. Pressure

1.5. During the game : felt the team spirit, felt we are actually a team

1.6. Results didn't matter because we showed our teamwork

1.7. No one was depressed

2. Getting lost in Bundang

2.1. Scared to death!

2.2. Phone was out of battery, no money

2.3. Couldn't see anything

2.4. Bag was heavy, legs were tired, so frustrating

2.5. My friend was passing by : it was like a miracle (my friend looked like an angel who just arrived from heaven)

3. First RCY performance

3.1. Nervous, pressured

3.2. Other groups were so good

3.3. Some mistakes during the performance, felt so bad, but nobody blamed me

3.4. Eager to make the next performance better

4. Waiting for the result of Superstar K Season 2

4.1. Loved the show

4.2. The MC was driving me crazy

4.3. The advertisements before presenting the result almost made me crash my TV

4.4. Experienced real-life slow motion in my room

4.5. Almost cried when the result came out, not because someone won the show, but because the results came out

5. Watching the movie "Social Network"

5.1. I'm a fan of facebook

5.2. Learning how my favorite site was built was very interesting

5.3. Certain lines on the movie was very touching and impactive

6. First experience on riding the plane alone

6.1. This summer, went to the U.S. alone

6.2. Airport looked larger than ever

6.3. Went to 5 different gates

6.4. Asked where to go to more than 678 people

6.5. Frightening experience

6.6. Feel grown up

7. Bigbang Concert

7.1. Excited

7.2. Loud, confusing, crowded

7.3. Jumping and dancing with the music

7.4. Stress was all gone !

7.5. Very fun, experience I would remember forever.