Student Finances

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Student Finances by Mind Map: Student Finances

1. Pay yourself first

1.1. Save at least 10% of all of the money you get

1.2. This is SO important

1.3. It means put away some saving BEFORE you pay even your bills.

1.4. Put some money away right away, before you have the chance to spend it

2. Jobs

2.1. Ask for help finding one

2.1.1. Connexions

2.1.2. Ask your mom and dad's friends for leads

2.2. Take any job at first --for the first 10 years much you learn is more important than how much you earn

2.2.1. Hey, that rhymes :-)

2.3. Get references from teachers or people who you've impressed

2.3.1. ... so start impressing them now ;-)

3. Low Income?

3.1. Free School Meals

3.2. EMA

4. Saving money

4.1. Keep your costs down

4.2. Give yourself a budget --a weekly limit

4.3. Notice when you spend

4.3.1. Watch out for Oxford Street Autopilot

4.4. 16-18 yr olds can get a free Oyster card. Ask for a form at the tube.

5. Family

5.1. Some students get an allowance from their families

5.2. Thank your family that you can live with them (big £££ savings)

6. Dangers

6.1. Don't even think about credit cards

6.2. Bling

6.2.1. You should be sitting down for this... use an old mobile At least it won't get stolen