Daniel Grumiller

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Daniel Grumiller by Mind Map: Daniel Grumiller

1. TEDx Vienna

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2. New Forces at Large Distances

2.1. Unfortunately, no Black Hole demonstration this year

2.1.1. come back next year!

2.2. 100 years ago, everything was made of atoms

2.2.1. today, we know there are a number of sub-atomic particles however, when applied to the universe there are a number of theories that don't line up

2.3. there is 95% of the universe that we don't understand by current metrics

2.4. In 1845 a new planet was calculated by using dark matter projections

2.4.1. Thus...the discovery of Neptune

2.5. Mercury

2.5.1. The calculated trajectory did not line up with trajectory observed 1859 The planet of Vulcan was theorized

2.5.2. Later explained by Einstein

2.6. Are we in a Vulcan or Neptune Scenario?

2.6.1. Dark Matter Real Not real We don't really know what Dark Matter is today

2.7. How do we make progress?

2.7.1. demonstrate each unfortunately, it's beyond our abilities

2.8. At large distances, gravity behaves as if it's simetric

2.8.1. Gravity should not become exceptionally large unless it's a black hole

2.9. Constructed a simple model for gravity at large distances

2.9.1. New Force at large distances predicted by this mode.