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Daniel Grumiller by Mind Map: Daniel Grumiller
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Daniel Grumiller

Daniel is a theoretical physicist doing black hole research since 1999. He spent five years as postdoc at the Leipzig University and at MIT. In 2008 he returned to Vienna and won one of the Austrian START-prizes, which allowed him to build a research group at the TU Vienna. Besides his collaborations with MIT, ESA, MPI and 20 other research institutions Daniel is dedicated to outreach activities, particularly with the webpage, which became prominent during the Austrian CERN crisis in May 2009. Daniel remains mystified about Austrian science politics and discovered recently a new force at large distances, the Rindler force.

TEDx Vienna


New Forces at Large Distances

Unfortunately, no Black Hole demonstration this year

100 years ago, everything was made of atoms

there is 95% of the universe that we don't understand by current metrics

In 1845 a new planet was calculated by using dark matter projections


Are we in a Vulcan or Neptune Scenario?

How do we make progress?

At large distances, gravity behaves as if it's simetric

Constructed a simple model for gravity at large distances