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TOYS by Mind Map: TOYS

1. 12+

1.1. Features

1.1.1. Interactive toys NERF & Blaster Toys

1.1.2. Games Monopoly Deal Card Game SCRABBLE BOGGLE

1.1.3. Personal Toys

2. -3

2.1. Features

2.1.1. Safety Round Shape/Chamfer Avoid get hurt Huge Avoid to Swallow it The color have no toxic

2.1.2. Colorful Yellow Red Blue Attractive

2.1.3. Child Development eye-mind-hand coordination Pedicab Beating Toys Rock-a-Stack Creative Building Block LEGO Sand Playing Toys explore their potentiality musical instrument Educational Matching Easy counting toys e.g 1+1=2 Word Blocks e.g 0-9, A-Z Drawing board Simple puzzle Baby Walker

2.1.4. feeling of safety/ instead of parents DOLLS

2.1.5. For fun Car baby music mat

3. 4-6

3.1. boys

3.1.1. prefer mechanism construction

3.2. Features

3.2.1. small functional doll with bag

3.2.2. interaction simple mechanical robot car

3.2.3. cartoon doll figure tools with cartoon character

3.2.4. creative play set construction play set lego

3.2.5. sound

3.3. girls

3.3.1. prefer barbie dolls role play

4. 8-12

4.1. Features

4.1.1. Personal Toys BOY Robot Gundam Plastic Model car Simple toy gun Girl Barbie Soft toy Dollhouse children Makeup Cosplay

4.1.2. Interactive toys Cooking games card game Board Games cashier

4.1.3. other Puzzle game Mechanical toys Mechanical gun Mechanical Dog Clip doll machine Remote control toys Remote control car Electronic musical instrument Inflatable Toys Yongquan Sports Toys BallGame bicycle skateboard Small sketchpad LEGO YOYO Beyblade Magic, Tricky Toys