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Math by Mind Map: Math

1. what we learned

1.1. Term

1.1.1. semister order of operation powers and exponents divisibility test prime factorization greatest common factor fractions in simplest form a division model for fractions ordering numbers on a number line least common multiples mixed numbers and improper fractions adding and subtracting fractions adding and subtracting mixed numbers multipling fractions and mixed numbers distributive property dividing fractins and mixed numbers

1.1.2. semister patterns tables and expresions scatter plots and coordinante plane integers and the number line adding integers subtracting integers solving addition equationions solving subtracting equations measures of central tendancy histogram box-and-whisker plots scatter plots using appropriate graphs misleading graphs probability

1.2. Term

1.2.1. semister ratios rates solving poblems more about solving proportions writing proportions similar polygons scale drawings percents, fractions, and decimal finding a percent of a number large and small percents the percentequation circle graphs simple intrest percent increase and percent decrease

1.2.2. semister intersecting lines and angle measures translations circumfrance area of parallelogram area of trapizoid area of circle square roots pythagorean theorem grouping equally likely outcomes counting techniques permutation and probabilaty combanation and probability expected value making predictions venn diagrams and probability

2. what I think is comming on the finale math test

2.1. grouping equally likely outcomes

2.2. counting techniques

2.3. permutation and probabilaty

2.4. combanation and probability

2.5. New node

2.6. venn diagrams and probability

3. teacher

3.1. Mrs.Abdellateef

4. making predictions