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Joel Spolsky Keynote by Mind Map: Joel Spolsky Keynote
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Joel Spolsky Keynote

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

superstar (6.740.000 google)


Blue chip

Ian domerhalder

600.000 google



Herman Miler aeron chair

bue chip


they're not

great software

Make people happy

Upload a photo from your camera with windows - before work, you make the picture, turn on computer, login windows, install updates, plug usb cable, ask windows original cd, ....

"My computer Totally Hates Me"

Type of depression: lack of control of waht happens to you, Give user more control of their environments, Put the user in Control, Instant feedback

Obsess over aesthetics

samsung blackjack vs iphone, $99 vs $399, QWERTY vs magic touch, 3G vs EDGE

paris buildings vs nyc buildings, no firespaces in paris, monuments, steve jobs shoud be the king of fance

skinnable apps, first programmers, then artists, it doesn't work

Modernist Architecture, Decoration = Decadent, Eliminate all forms of ornament, Everything is totally useful, In software => go back to the command line

Observe the culture code

Toyota camry vs ford explorer (promotions), Passenger deaths 41 vs 88 (per 1mill cars per year), ford explorer looks safer

Book "the Culture Code" Clotaire Raipalle

web2.0, ruby, DHH quote, beauty, happiness, motivation, passion, why the lucky stiff