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Two Teaching Tools by Mind Map: Two Teaching Tools
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Two Teaching Tools

Below are the requisites for the Tip article on tools. They were copied from the web site and pasted in as a note.  They guided my writing of the article. Clicking on "Advanced" beneath the frame Extras - Notes" opens a larger editing frame and permits the use of many formatting tools. (It also can be used to read the notes in the larger frame.) For writing notes may be added directly to the map and the whole map may be exported as an outline, including the notes.  (Links and files are not spelled out. They are for use on the web.) The outline may then be revised to compose the article.  For this article that step was skipped. 1. State succinctly the context within which you used the strategy 2. State the pedagogical purpose of the strategy 3. Describe the strategy itself in brief, clear language 4. State why you think the strategy was effective 5. Please provide a title


Assure students read text

Diagnose student's capacities

Increase student comprehension

Provide singular review document

Enable brainstorming for paper/project


Students did not read text

Students lack study tools



Mind Mapping

Effectiveness: students use in other courses because they work for them

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