Two Teaching Tools

Map of two tools used in class room teaching.

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Two Teaching Tools by Mind Map: Two Teaching Tools

1. Effectiveness: students use in other courses because they work for them.

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3. Purposes

3.1. Assure students read text

3.2. Diagnose student's capacities

3.3. Increase student comprehension

3.4. Provide singular review document

3.5. Enable brainstorming for paper/project

4. Context

4.1. Students did not read text

4.2. Students lack study tools

5. Strategies

5.1. Outlining

5.1.1. Use Table of Contents

5.1.2. Subheadings from chapter boldface

5.1.3. Other subheadings from italics

5.2. Mind Mapping

5.2.1. Processes Branches from chapters headings detailed notes Convert to outlines or powerpoints Brainstorming paper/project Linking to other resources attaching rough notes

5.2.2. Resources Freemind Mindmeister

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