Whiteness and Modern Racism

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Whiteness and Modern Racism by Mind Map: Whiteness and Modern Racism

1. In news coverage, we often see the people of color being blamed for violence, pointing out that the person of color only meant to do harm

1.1. When in reality we're just living life minding our own business until a white person decides we're criminals and takes it upon themselves to "protect" the rest of society

1.1.1. In the presentation, When Justice isn't Just, "The people meant to protect us are out to get us"

2. "The Opportunity Race" by Kimberly Crenshaw

2.1. After the year 1964, minorities begin the race but face obstacles while running the race, one of them being discrimination.

3. Whiteness

3.1. Whiteness is the quality or state of being white, a white color, or freedom from stain

3.2. Power and privilege are given to those who are white, they are not subject to racism by people of color.

3.3. Who invented whiteness?  Whiteness emerged from European colonialism and imperialism to distinguish between the colonizers and the colonized.

3.4. Whiteness is a social construct, therefore, it has transformed social, political, economic, and cultural behavior.

3.4.1. White culture, norms, and values have become the standard and anything different is deviant.

3.4.2. White Culture is the norm, therefore, any other culture is not recognized or seen as a threat. Example: Speaking Spanish in schools is not allowed, children are taught at a young age to repress a language that is apart of their culture.

4. White Supremacy

4.1. White Supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to those of all other races.

4.2. Discrimination exist due to whiteness and white supremacy, during the race minorities face racial profiling, poverty, death, systematic racism.

4.2.1. What is the relationship between discrimination and poverty? The relationship between discrimination and poverty is that institutions who are for the people of the U.S are designed to fail minorities. Those who live in poverty are rejected the chance to succeed, most important they lack education.

4.2.2. Schools in urban areas lack resources, most of these urban schools are filled with blacks and latinos. There is institutional racism in schools, white children are pushed to attend college, while minorities are being pushed into prisons.

4.3. Construction of Blackness

4.3.1. Throughout history Blacks are viewed as "menacing" and "dangerous".

4.3.2. Whites constructed a society in which the people of color must always be kept controlled, due to the fear that whites have towards people that look different.

4.3.3. Blacks were tamed in slavery for many years and even after the abolition of slavery, policies and laws like Jim Crow segregated whites and people of color.

5. The Dominant Perspective

5.1. The group in power in society are white supremacist, at the top of the hierarchical chain

5.1.1. We want to be dominant over a group, in the case of hispanics : foreigners are the subordinate group

5.2. Hegemony: the dominance of one group over the other groups, with or without the threat of force, to the extent where the dominant party can dictate the terms of interaction

5.2.1. Makes you a white supremacist

5.2.2. We want to be the white people and fit in We want to look, dress, act, stand in the same social positions as those white people. We want people in power.

5.3. Ta-Nehisi Coates: Who do we work for?

5.3.1. His grandma worked for the white people In the case of Jones, Ms. Jones was the best at everything. The lesson to take from this story however, was that although you could be the best at many things, it can only take you so far because of  the society we live in. We have a mindset where people of color are meant to live a certain way. We are categorized all the way through in society that includes where we live, what jobs we get, and to political benefits brought out upon us.

5.3.2. Stereotypes against Hispanics: Jobs as housekeepers, typically for women Can work in the fields Men can work in gardening

6. The Notion of Fear

6.1. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Police Brutality- "The Violence is Not New, It's the Cameras That are New"

6.1.1. We usually talk about how afraid white people should be towards people of color due to some generalizations made about the race's actions and behaviors. Have we ever thought about how afraid the black community is about living life in their skin? You have to worry about what neighborhood you walk in,, who you walk with, what clothes you're wearing Policies in America out to get Hispanics Blacks Lives Matter

6.2. Police violence: the people who are meant to protect us are out to get us

6.2.1. The threat of violence is always there Once we get away from the "bad neighborhood" we still have to be aware of the people we pay taxes to, the ones in charge, the wealthy white supremacists Police brutality will still remain even if we get the person who caused some violence, we are only removing the problem through an individualistic approach We must remove police violence in a systematic approach

6.3. We should really be more afraid of white supremacists

6.3.1. The ones who cause more harm than good (in the case for people of color) Slavery European Travelers European men would explore new lands and adopt women as mistresses Purorambo Government Police Law makers America

7. Eugenic Philosophies were based off biology is the solution to social problems. Revolving around race and heredity. To have direct control of racial groups.

7.1. Positive Eugenics: is to increase reproduction of the better group.

7.2. Negative Eugenics: Have less reproduction of the unfit.

8. Segregation

8.1. Now a days racism not easy to identify but we can still feel its existence.

8.1.1. A book titled, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander talks about the concept of colorblindness and how men of color get longer sentences than white men for the same felony.

8.2. U.S Society is formed through gender,wealth,age,and sexuality.Racial segregation of actual physical space fosters multiple forms of political,economic,and social segregation.

8.2.1. For example, a different race moving into a particular dominated area is looked upon.

8.3. Micro -aggression is a type of aggression that is not physical nor intentionally. We mostly dismiss it.

8.3.1. For example,"I don't see you as a black person."

9. “Understanding Whiteness”

9.1. When someone identifies or is identified as white it automatically references privileges/ power that “white” people receive because they are not subjected to racism by the minorities/ indigenous.

9.2. Important to know: It does not just refer to skin colour but is ideology based on beliefs, values behaviors, habits and attitudes, which result in the unequal distribution of power and privilege based on skin colour (Frye, 1983;  Kivel, 1996)

9.3. Racism coexists with whiteness, in addition, whiteness separates those who have privileges from those who are exploited and vulnerable.

9.3.1. Most important, violence is justified by their not being white.

10. Media Perception

10.1. Ta-Nehisi Coates: this information is old (we are aware of what goes on) it's the cameras that are new

10.1.1. Media Police violence videos Police don't solve crimes, they perpetuate them

10.1.2. Technology Police wearing cameras on their uniforms to catch any violence Does it really help? It's gotten to the point where the cameras are necessary

10.2. We have a desire to be white and to fit in we like what white people like

10.2.1. Disney Princesses: which one gets chosen more often? Jasmine vs. Cinderella Mulan vs. Ariel Tiana vs. Snow White

10.3. Who gets talked about more often?

10.3.1. White people vs. people of color on crime Sometimes white crime goes unheard of or briefly talked about in media We give reasoning when a white person commits a crime vs. a person of color Sandy Hook shooting, claimed the shooter was mentally ill Isla Vista Massacre, also claimed the shooter was mentally ill Police have killed over 100 black people They are perceived as violent criminals uncomplying with the law

11. Family

11.1. Monolithic family communicates with government structures. It constructs intersections of gender and race. Directing to the formation of oppressed groups.

11.2. Family rhetoric often forms a powerful language to organize people for a variety of ends. In social,ethnicity,and religion terms.Parents status including cultural values and properties do have some effect on their children.

11.2.1. Men sometimes are the ones to decide the number of children their female partner will have. Oppressing the women by not having control of their own bodies.

12. Pure Gene Pool

12.1. The Holocaust is an example of this idea. Hitler wanted a free Jewish country. Propaganda created hatred coming from the Germans towards the Jewish.

12.2. White Flight is the idea of creating a single race neighborhoods to avoid a mixture of races. Originated from Europeans living in the United States.

12.3. In the 1980's,General Hospital women of color had compulsory sterilization. In the case of Buck vs Bell in 1927 forced sterilization fell within the police power of the state.