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Unit 4 by Mind Map: Unit 4

1. Geometric Figures

1.1. Plane Figures

1.1.1. Lines Points Collinear Line Segment Endpoints Bisect Midpoint Half-Lines Perpendicular Parallel Transversal

1.1.2. Plane

1.1.3. Angles Side-Angle Vertex Angle Measurements Degrees Minutes Seconds Protractor Right Angles Acute Angles Obtuse Angles Straight Angles Reflex Angles Complementary Supplementary Adjacent Angles Vertical Angles Alternate Interior Angles

1.1.4. Curves Simple Curve Simple Closed Curve Closed Curve Jordan Curve Theorem Plane Region Concave Convex

1.1.5. Circle Center Radius Chord Diameter Tangent Circumference Disk

1.1.6. Polygons Polygonal Region Sides Vertices Adjacent Sides Adjacent Vertices Triangle Acute Triangle Right Triangle Equilateral Triangle Scalene Triangle Isosceles Triangle Obtuse Triangle Quadrilateral Trapezoid Isosceles Trapezoid Rhombus Parallelogram Rectangle Square Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon Dodecagon

1.2. Polygons and Tessellations

1.2.1. Congruence Congruent

1.2.2. Regular Polygons Equilateral Triangle Square Regular Pentagon Regular Hexagon Regular Heptagon

1.2.3. Drawing Regular Polygons Vertex Angle Central Angle Exterior Angle Compass Inscribed Polygon

1.2.4. Tessellations with Polygons Tessellation Vertex Points Semiregular

1.3. Space Figures

1.3.1. Space

1.3.2. Planes Half-Spaces Parallel Intersect Dihedral Angle

1.3.3. Polyhedra Polyhedron Faces Edges Vertices Solid Convex

1.3.4. Regular Polyhedra Regular Polyhedron Tetrahedron Cube Octahedron Dodecahedron Icosahedron Semiregular Polyhedra

1.3.5. Pyramids Right Pyramids Oblique Pyramid Apex

1.3.6. Prisms Bases Right Prism Oblique Prism Solid Prism Rectangular Solid

1.3.7. Cones and Cylinders Base Vertex Right Cone Oblique Cone Cylinder Right Cylinder Oblique Cylinder

1.3.8. Spheres and Maps Sphere Center Solid Sphere Radius Radius of the Sphere Diameter Diameter of the Sphere Great Circle Parallels of Latitude Meridians of Longitude Map Projections Cylindrical Projection Mercator Projection Conic Projection Plane Projection Azimuthal Projection

1.4. Symmetric Figures

1.4.1. Reflection Symmetry for Plane Figures Line of Symmetry Reflection Symmetry

1.4.2. Rotation Symmetry for Plane Figures Rotation Symmetry Center of Rotation

1.4.3. Reflection Symmetry for Space Figures Plane Symmetry Images Vertical Symmetry

1.4.4. Rotation Symmetry for Space Figures Axis of Symmetry

2. Measurement

2.1. Systems of Measurement

2.1.1. Nonstandard Units of Length Measuring Unit of Measure Measurement Span Foot Hand Cubit Grain Stone Length

2.1.2. English Units Inch Foot Yard

2.1.3. Weight Troy Unit Avoirdupois Unit

2.1.4. Temperature Centigrade Fahrenheit Scale Celsius Scale Kelvin Scale

2.1.5. Metric Units Meter Mega Micro Length Meter Centimeter Millimeter Kilometer Volume Liter Milliliter KiloLiter Cubic Decimeter Cubic Centimeter Mass Weight Kilogram

2.1.6. Precision and Small Measurements Precision

2.1.7. International System of Units Second Ampere Candela Mole

2.2. Area and Perimeter

2.2.1. Nonstandard Units of Area Area Acre Scheffel of Land

2.2.2. Catenary

2.2.3. Standard Units of Area Square Inch Square Foot Square Yard Square Mile Metric Units Square Meter Square Centimeter Square Millimeter Square Kilometer

2.2.4. Perimeter

2.2.5. Areas of Polygons Area of Rectangles Area of Parallelogram Base Height Altitude Area of Triangle Altitude Base Height Area of Trapezoid Lower Base Upper Base Height Altitude

2.2.6. Circumferences and Areas of Circles Circumference Pi Sectors Area of Cirlce

2.2.7. Are

2.2.8. Hectare

2.3. Volume and Surface Area

2.3.1. Nonstandard Unit of Volume Volume Cubic Units

2.3.2. Standard Units of Volume English Units Cubic Inch Cubic Foot Cubic Yard Metric Units Cubic Millimeter Cubic centimeter Cubic Meter

2.3.3. Surface Area

2.3.4. Volume and Surface Areas of Space Figures Volume Equation Volume of Prism Height Altitude Volume of Cylinder Surface Area of Cylinder Volume of Pyramid Volume of Cone Volume of Sphere Surface Area of Sphere

2.3.5. Irregular Shapes

2.3.6. Creating Surface Area