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Assessment by Mind Map: Assessment

1. Diagnostic

1.1. Definition: Testing that focuses on one area or domain of knowledge before beginning instruction; pre-assessment.

1.2. Purpose: It can be used to assist teachers in developing lesson plans and providing differentiated instruction to meet student’s needs. It shows students' prior knowledge and misconceptions.

1.3. Example: KWL Chart, response journal, graphic organizer

2. Performance

2.1. Definition:

2.2. Purpose:

2.3. Example: Portfolios, student logs, journals

3. "Assessment is the shared process of gathering purposeful and systematic measurement for documentation, reflection, and improvement of both student learning and institutional practices."

4. Formative

4.1. Definition: The process of gathering evidence of student learning.

4.2. Purpose: Provides feedback so that the teacher can adjust instruction strategies to enhance achievement.

4.3. Example: Quizzes, Pretests, Homework

5. Interim/Benchmark

5.1. Definition: Periodic testing throughout the school year.

5.2. Purpose: Low-level/little or no student feedback given.

5.3. Example: Chapter tests, projects, written assignments

6. Summative

6.1. Definition: Assessment given after a large chunk of learning.

6.2. Purpose: To review what you want to do and to have criteria for ensuring high-quality assessment.

6.3. Example: Final exams, standardized testing, research projects