Whooping Crane

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Whooping Crane by Mind Map: Whooping Crane

1. feeding

1.1. fish

1.2. grains

1.3. plants

1.4. birds

1.5. insects

2. map

3. cause of population number

3.1. habitat loss

3.2. predators

4. remaining whooping cranes

4.1. whooping cranes were declared endangered in 1967. Ever since then whooping cranes decrease every day

5. adaption

5.1. able to catch small animals with their fast legs

5.2. glide with water

6. threats

6.1. wind farms

6.2. predators

6.3. habitat loss

7. behaviour

7.1. searches for smaller animals to eat. started flying because of animal trainers. can smell a predator from 5 km

8. status

8.1. endangered

9. characteristics

9.1. the species nearly stands 1.5 metres.with a wingspan of 2.3 metres. males wheigh on an average of 7.0 kg. while womans wheigh on an average of 6.0 kg

10. reproduction

10.1. baby hatches in 29-31 days

10.2. only switches partners if older baby dies

10.3. babies can swim as soon as their born and learn how to fly within 80-90 days

11. conservation

11.1. attempts have been made to establish other breeding populations in captivity

11.2. in 1975 a project of the american and canadian wild services involved cross fostering with sandhill cranes to establish a second half sustaining flock

12. habitat

12.1. muskage of the taiga