Results Created by Soul Powers Program

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Results Created by Soul Powers Program by Mind Map: Results Created by Soul Powers Program

1. Module 1 - Activate Your Divine Connection (Trust)

1.1. How to get out of fear and be calmer

1.2. How to stop worrying about your security

1.3. How to listen to your inner voice so you can overcome self-doubt

1.4. How to stop feeling unworthy

1.5. how to feel more confident and "good enough"

2. Module 2 - Open Up to Possibilities (Faith in Possibility)

2.1. How to have more faith (emunah)

2.2. How to have the courage to change your life

2.3. How to stop self-sabotage

2.4. How to release feelings of not having enough

2.5. How to get what you want

3. Module 3 - Make Empowered Decisons (Clarity and Decisiveness)

3.1. How to create more focus

3.2. How to not get overwhelmed

3.3. How to cultivate clarity

3.4. How to trust your intuition and follow it

3.5. How to feel more confidence when making decisions

4. Module 4 - Balance Your Giving and Receiving (Generosity and Receptivity)

4.1. How to stop bending over backwards to please everyone

4.2. How to give without burning out

4.3. How to trust that whatever you need will be there

4.4. How to not feel guilty about receiving

5. Module 5 - Recommit to Your Boundaries (Healthy Boundaries)

5.1. How to make more time for yourself, relationships, and creativity.

5.2. How to stop putting yourself last

5.3. How to "get stuff done"

5.4. How to take better care of yourself

5.5. How to maintain your focus

6. Module 6 - Discovering Balance and Harmony (Self-Compassion)

6.1. How to feel more stabilized and centered

6.2. How to love and accept yourself

6.3. How to not be so hard on yourself

6.4. How to let go of negative emotions

6.5. How to find more self-acceptance

7. Module 7 - Move Forward with Joy and Ease (Commitment and Follow-Through)

7.1. How to not over-work yourself

7.2. How to stop perfectionism

7.3. How to stop micromanaging others

7.4. How to move forward on a project or goal

7.5. How to avoid procrastination

8. Module 8 - Recognize, Acknowledge and Appreciate (Thankfulness and Gratitude)

8.1. How to reduce frustration

8.2. How to stop worrying about the future

8.3. How to develop gratitude

8.4. How to get more cooperation from others

8.5. How to gain more closeness in marriage

9. Module 9 - Strengthen Relationships (Connection and Bonding)

9.1. How to improve relationship with spouse

9.2. How to improve relationship with kids

9.3. How to stop getting entangled in others’ feelings

9.4. How to stand up for yourself

9.5. How to strengthen communication

10. Module 10 - Align with Your Truth (Personal Sovereignty)

10.1. How to be authentic/true to yourself

10.2. How to build confidence

10.3. Hot to express your truest self

10.4. How to get your gifts out into the world

10.5. How to "hold your own" in the face of conflict

11. Jumpstart Module - Forgiveness and Letting Go

11.1. How to let go of the past

11.2. How to forgive others who've hurt you

11.3. How to overcome fear of disappointing parents

11.4. How to let go of negative thought patterns

11.5. How to get unstuck