WRT120: Hydrologic Instrumentation

An overview of the process used to develop WRT120 hybrid course

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WRT120: Hydrologic Instrumentation by Mind Map: WRT120: Hydrologic Instrumentation

1. Modules

1.1. Physical testing instruments

1.2. Lab instrumentation

1.2.1. Local lab

1.2.2. EPA certified lab

1.3. Field instrumentation

1.4. Transmission instrumentation

1.5. Electronics

2. In Class

2.1. Hands-on

2.1.1. Demo of equipment

2.1.2. Calibration techniques

2.1.3. Storage techniques

2.1.4. Standard operation

3. Online

3.1. Discuss how it works

3.2. Discuss proper maintenance

3.3. Discuss transportation

3.4. Discuss how to calibrate

3.5. Discuss how to use

3.6. Show video & pics of instrumentation

3.7. Provide operations manual

4. Assignments

4.1. Develop a procedure for use of instrumentation

4.2. Provide a solution for case studies

4.3. Discussion of experiences using the instrument

4.4. Blog of field/hands-on experience each week