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WRT120: Hydrologic Instrumentation by Mind Map: WRT120: Hydrologic Instrumentation
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WRT120: Hydrologic Instrumentation

Started out evaluating course competencies and assessing materials that had, and those needed.  Reviewed competencies to determine what can be done online and what is best done f2f.


Upon reviewing the course competencies, decided to group the class into five modules.  In-class and online activities will be consistent throughout all modules

Physical testing instruments

Lab instrumentation

Field instrumentation

Transmission instrumentation


In Class

Thought out what would be best use of time in class - decided on hands-on activities



Decided that online time would be best used to prepare students for the f2f classes - providing materials for review

Discuss how it works

Discuss proper maintenance

Discuss transportation

Discuss how to calibrate

Discuss how to use

Show video & pics of instrumentation

Provide operations manual


Based on the competencies and the needed experiences of the student, developed assignments in alignment with the activities

Develop a procedure for use of instrumentation

Provide a solution for case studies

Discussion of experiences using the instrument

Blog of field/hands-on experience each week