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Hey! by Mind Map: Hey!
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Two goals

My Spain trip & what's working now

Answer any question you may have

Remote Property Flipping / Virtual Wholesaling

Still alive and well today!

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Location Independent Business

Vision first, business second

Steps to Automated Wholesaling

My assistant sends direct mail

My VA prescreens the leads

All the leads go into Podio

My local wholesaling partner takes the leads and meets with the motivated sellers

He leaves tasks in Podio for my VA's to send offers to the un-motivated leads that he doesn't meet with

We follow up every month with the old leads

The wholesaler meets with the motivated sellers and gets the property under contract

The wholesalers sells the deals to their buyers

We split the profits

Advantage to wholesaler?

Advantage to you?

Steps to Land Flipping

Pick a county

Find comps

Get a list @ Listsource or Realquest

Mail blind offers @ 15% of lowest comp

Get it under contract

Advertise it at 50%

Who buys these deals?

Example Deal


Keys / Gold Nuggets

Make multiple offers

Follow up

What should your VA be doing every day?


Done is the new perfect

JV's / Partnering

What others said

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What's Involved....

Min Requirements

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