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Verbs followed by -ing or the infinitive by Mind Map: Verbs followed by -ing
or the infinitive
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Verbs followed by -ing or the infinitive

  Some verbs are followed by either -ing or the infinitive and they still have same or very similar meaning:   hate like love prefer begin continue     Examples: Our company continued having possitive results in last 3 months. Our company continued to have possitive results in last 3 months.  


  Some expressions which are followed by the -ing form of verbs:   It’s a waste of time/money ... There’s no point (in) ... It’s no use ... It’s (not) worth ...  

after certain verbs

avoid, dislike, enjoy, finish, give up, mind, I finished programming a day ago.

after a preposition

I look forward to working in your company.

when the word is the subject

Programming is not good for our eyes.


after certain verbs

1.forget, learn, help, train, teach, I forgot to save that file.

2. expect, hope, need, choose, offer, want, You need to install a special application to help protect your data.

3. agree, pretend, encourage, recommend, promise, I recommend you to use this OS.

4. allow, decide,manage, mean, refuse, can afford, We can't decide which application to use.

after adjectives

1. too+adjective, The computer was too slow to update that database.

2. adjective+enough, We were good enough to persuade them to buy a computer.

I'll go up and find out what they need and the rest of you start CODING.

I FORGOT TO SAVE a Word document.