Lack of Education

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Lack of Education by Mind Map: Lack of Education

1. Lack of funding

1.1. Lack of money therefore results in untrained teachers

1.2. Lack of learning materials

1.3. No classroom

2. Untrained teachers

2.1. Failing to learn basic math and language skills

3. Exclusion of children with disabilitites

3.1. No schools provided for these children

3.2. Discrimination

3.3. Untrained teachers that promotes inclusivity

4. Gender

4.1. Women are denied education

4.2. Poverty forces many families to choose which of their children to send to school

4.3. Boys tend to be educated

4.4. Less value in educating a girl than a boy

5. Living in country with conflict or at conflict

5.1. Many casualties of any war, and education systems are often destroyed.

5.2. Teachers and students often flee their homes

5.3. Government more focused on the conflict rather than education

5.4. Education is low priority for these countries

6. Poverty

6.1. Hunger and poor nutrition - impacts brain development

6.2. Not living close to a school (only few schools)

6.3. Children are working

7. Expense of education

7.1. Post-secondary education

7.2. Expensive for low and middle class families

7.3. Some countries have added a cost for education

7.4. ‘Informal fees’: parents forced to pay for ‘compulsory items’ like uniforms, books, pens, extra lessons