Technology in my Classroom

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Technology in my Classroom by Mind Map: Technology in my Classroom

1. Frustration

1.1. Internet down

1.2. Video won't play

1.3. Slow loading time

1.4. Students don't know to use and frustrated to learn

1.5. School doesn't have resources to accommodate technology

1.6. Students don't have resources at home to accommodate technology

2. Growth

2.1. Adapted and necessary skills for future jobs

2.2. Help achieve higher education

2.3. Easy way to research things in the classroom

2.4. Integrate untraditional areas of Language Arts into core curriculum

2.5. Students more involved and active in their own education

2.6. More room for creativity and the ability to change and edit an idea quickly without starting over

2.7. Higher cooperation, collaboration, and sharing among students, their peers, and teacher

3. Entertainment

3.1. Videos

3.2. Music

3.3. Journalism

3.4. Art

3.5. Voice