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Reddit Comments by Mind Map: Reddit Comments

1. The Comment Adds to the Discussion

1.1. 1: Provides Relevant Information

1.1.1. This comment provides a useful summary of material in the link that others may find helpful in understanding the link.

1.1.2. This comment brings relevant material from a related external source into the conversation, furthering the discussion.

1.1.3. c simultaneously provides a link relevant to the subject matter of the submitted link, stimulates the economy by promoting monetary exchange between microbusinesses and consumers, and conveys tasteful disdain for reposted memetic flotsam.

1.1.4. d provides a hyperlink, using the proper formatting markup, to a submission-relevant website in a simple utilitarian fashion--dispensing even with capitalization and punctuation so as to avoid publishing an ungrammatical sentence fragment on the internet.

1.2. 2: Makes Inference

1.2.1. This comment makes an intelligent inferential claim based on the content of the original link and/or a subsequent comment or collection of comments.

1.3. 3: Makes Observation

1.3.1. 1: General a This comment makes a general observational point about life, the universe, or everything, and expresses disbelief about said point.

1.3.2. 2: Political Commentary 1: Apathy of U.S. Citizens a

1.4. 4: Draws Out a Moral Lesson

1.4.1. This comment draws a moral lesson based on the content of the original link and/or a subsequent comment or collection of comments by expressing a well-known aphorism.

1.5. 5: Attempts Humor

1.5.1. 1: Makes Sexual Innuendo a attempts humor by taking material from the link and/or comments out of its original context and adding suggestive commentary, thereby recasting the material's original meaning in a sexual light. b is a double entendre; the commenter in responding to the question posed by the submission's title comments on the degree to which the submitter successfully implemented a standard meme format, using language that is also commonly used to indicate a successful sexual liaison--which may be considered innuendo in this context because the submission contains imagery that is titilating to Reddit's majority SFMCISACAIQA"SLEC" (sub-forty, male, caucasian, internet savvy, areligious, cisgendered, average IQ or above, "socially liberal, economically conservative") audience.

1.5.2. 2: Suggests Alternative 1: Based on Submission Title a

1.5.3. 3: Makes False Representation a uses an exaggerated written description of typically involuntary vocal responses to a condition of ill physical health to humorously suggest that the commenter is a member of the class of persons who would stand to benefit from an offer extended by the submitter.

1.5.4. 4: Offers Explanation a generates a humorous response by offering a plausible explanation for the ironic circumstances presented in the submitted link's subject matter, with said explanation achieving its effect by being simultaneously logical, gramatically, and absurd, cynologically.

1.5.5. 5: Draws Relevant Parallel a humorously leverages a theme of the submission's subject matter as a springboard for quoting material from an otherwise unrelated source that reflects said theme; moreover, by leaving the quote unattributed, the comedic flavor is heightened in those readers who recognize the source from memory because a sense of satisfaction is derived from being an intimate party to an inside joke, and by selecting a source that is widely received by the public, the comment is guaranteed great breadth of approbation.

1.6. 6: Expresses Emotional Reaction

1.6.1. 1: Mental Perturbation expresses an emotional state of mental perturbation that resulted because of specific content in the link.

1.6.2. 2: Approval a expresses an emotional state of pleased approbation with the subject of the link, as evidenced by a neologism in the form of an exclamatory interjection and a positive assessment of the subject's ability to inspire feelings of awe. b expresses an emotional state of pleased approbation in a declarative sentence consisting of a single, yet overtly positive, word. c expresses an emotional state of pleased approbation by using hyperbolic language to suggest that the subjects of the submission are preferred, by the commenter, above all other humans on this planet and would be treated by the commenter with the greatest partiality if given the opportunity. While it is unclear if the commenter has always harbored such feelings toward these people, the context and content of the submission suggests that this is a recent development.

1.6.3. 3: Nostalgia 1: Video Game a

1.7. 7: Contributes Original Content

1.7.1. 1: Photoshopped Image a contributes a link to an original photoshopped image that 1) fulfills a request according to the parameters specified by the original poster; and 2) generates a humorous reaction by placing a minor in an otherwise normal adult situation.

1.8. 8: Makes Suggestion

1.8.1. 1: Meta-Reddit a makes a suggestion which directly addresses the submitter's issue, provides a reasonable rationale for the suggestion, and offers supplementary evidence of the efficacy of said suggestion. b makes a suggestion to utilize the submitted link's subject matter in such a way that benefits accrue to both fictional characters, who expand their social sphere, and to non-fictional characters, who derive low-level amusement from novel visual stimuli during times of acute mental distress.

1.9. 9: Insightful Comment

1.9.1. 1: Hivemind Analysis a thoroughly dissects two of the epiphenomenal features of the mental inclinations of several tens of thousands of majority SFMCISACAIQA"SLEC" (sub-forty, male, caucasian, internet savvy, areligious, cisgendered, average IQ or above, "socially liberal, economically conservative") individuals; namely, a 1) preference for provocative emotional discussion over conscientious substantive analysis, and 2) adherence to a worldview dominated by the idealization of certain strictly demarcated moral domains.

1.9.2. Untitled

1.10. 10: Ambiguous Comment

1.10.1. 1: Ambiguous Sarcasm a uses a common indicator of sarcasm, a normally exhortative phrasing couched in a declarative sentence, to express an idiomatic phrase that describes a course of passive response, which is counter to the factual circumstances described in the submitted link. Ultimately this leads subsequent readers, who may be puzzled by the comment's intentions or misunderstand the common idiomatic usage of the phrase, to nonetheless interpret said comment in a favorable manner simply to escape the turmoil of mental uncertainty.

1.11. 11: Corrects Misinformation

1.11.1. 1: Desensationalization a utilizes the commenter's superior knowledge and mastery of the disciplinary skills germane to the submitted issue to extract specific counterfactuals capable of deflating a sensationalized link title that displayed a deficient understanding of industry terminology and usage.

1.11.2. 2: Clarifies Distinction a helpfully corrects an error in terminological distinction that was being perpetuated by other commenters without the benefit of the commenter's relevant industry experience (of which evidence is provided), in order to 1) uphold certain dimininishing principles of integrity in his professed discipline and to 2) prevent unsophisticated readers from subconsciously assigning excessively undeserved weight to one mode of expression over another.

1.11.3. 3: Identifies Omission a identifies the glaring incompleteness in the submission's content that the average reader would likely gloss over were it not pointed out, and magnifies the effect of such revelation through the simple but deft application of an archetypical character juxtaposed with an appropriately phrased and delivered textual comment.

1.12. 12: Makes Public Apology

1.12.1. 1: Credit Acknowledgement a expresses chagrin for having reposted memetic flotsam, describes the circumstances which led him to act in such a manner, and provides proper accreditation to at least one known source. [Note: The Reddit Comment Rating Agency feels compelled to indicate that while the submitter, given his described degree of knowledge, was technically acting within the bounds of § 2.6 of the Rediquette Guidelines and was not required to post a defense of his actions, it is nevertheless a community norm to preventatively do so due to the hostility with which such shameless reposting is met with.]

2. The Comment Does Not Add to the Discussion

2.1. Meta-Commentary on Voting System

2.1.1. This comment assesses the upvote-worthiness of the above link and/or comment, but does not itself add anything to the discussion.

3. The Comment Detracts from the Discussion