Defenses to Negligence

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Defenses to Negligence by Mind Map: Defenses to Negligence

1. Contributory Negligence

1.1. Last Clear Chance Exception

1.2. Sudden Emergency Doctrine Exception

1.3. Assumption of Risk Exception

1.4. Exception for Plaintiff's Age and Physical Factors

1.5. The Rescuer Doctrine Exception

2. Comparative Negligence

2.1. Types of Comparative Negligence

2.1.1. Pure Comparative Negligence

2.1.2. Modified Comparative Negligence

2.1.3. Slight-Gross Comparative Negligence

2.1.4. Combination Approaches

2.2. Exceptions to Comparative Negligence

2.2.1. The Rescuer Doctrine Exception

2.2.2. Mentally Incompetent Persons Exception

3. Doctrine of Avoidable Consequences

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