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1. MASSIVE ACTION PLAN - Setting up goals, creating consistent action and momentum, & igniting motivation and focus

1.1. 1- Get Disturbed

1.1.1. Get honest, don't rationalize/softeners/comparison

1.1.2. Look at what your missing out on - get associated to the problem and make it worse than it is

1.1.3. Pain is your friend if you use it for drive - "This is not good enough, what do I want?"

1.1.4. Get around with peers at a better level, seeing peers be better than you will disturb you because your life is not like that

1.1.5. Don't try to make yourself get rid of it right away to make yourself feel better, don't submit to it and think about all the wrong things. I other words find the balance where you don't shy away from the pain and you don't let it defeat you, use it for motivation

1.2. 2- Make a real decision

1.2.1. RPM Plan R-Know what RESULT they are after Specific Result = what? By when? You can't manage something you can't measure Don't confuse result with process P- Know your PURPOSE - why you want it (It makes you fully alive) Reasons come first, actions come second M - Massive Action Plan (Multiple solutions to problem) Never ever leave the site of a goal without setting something towards its achievement If you say you are going to do something and then you don't do anything, it tells your brain, you don't mean it

1.3. 3- Create an Action Plan

1.4. 4- Change limiting beliefs

1.4.1. Find limiting beliefs for life & specific goals & new beliefs to help you get there

1.4.2. What do I have to believe to feel this way?

1.5. 5 - Set yourself up to win

1.5.1. Make the procces enjoyable not just the outcome Use: Friends/peers, music, rewards(movie breaks, food rewards, hangout rewards, travel, experience rewards like concerts)

1.5.2. Have flexibility in the beginning It's a learning process, reward progress, and don't be too rigid untll you really start getting it right - maybe after a couple of weeks of practice

1.6. 6 - Take Massive Action

1.6.1. Never leave the site of a setting a goal without doing something towards it - Do things right away to create momentum

1.7. 7-Pick your peers

1.7.1. Find kindred souls

1.7.2. Find peers above your level - those who have higher standards

1.7.3. Find coaches

1.7.4. Pick enviroment who challenges you and rewards you for small wins

1.8. 8 - Get back up, & don't overcomplicate it

1.8.1. When you make a mistake, always go back to your lessons, remember your beliefs, use disturbances for motivation and reward small wins

2. All human beings are driven by 6 needs

3. Recognizing Good & Bad Patterns and their Solutions - How to use beliefs to deal with obstacles, challenges, and set backs

3.1. Problems - They don't go away

3.1.1. How to deal with Problems? Don't focus on Problems Focus on Solutions What we focus on we get more out of 95% on solution, 5% on problem Our psychology/mindset/beliefs = our limits We all have the same 24 hours

3.1.2. Change your conception of problems No problems = death Problems = challenge = sign of life Problems are growth Everyone has similar problems, and there are similar ways to deal with them Problems have NO linkage to happiness What are problems? Problems = Challenges Change creates problems Change = Solutions Change = Challenges - it's constant feedback loop

3.2. Reasons we don't change & How To Change

3.2.1. The Pressure cooker -  When you lose momentum and go back to old ways When you get so much pain, you take action, get results, the pain reduces, you lose your drive, you stop taking action at the same level, you go back to where you started

3.2.2. Solutions: Have set goals, a vision, emotional awareness, fun/freedom, and momentum by small actions Don't just respond to enviroment Don't react to stimulus, Instead take time to decide what you want No control = no happiness Easy to get sucked in Self esteem = Do YOU control events? OR Do EVENTS control you? Focus and clarify exactly what you want everyday have a vision, a reason There is an excitement in creation People without a vision perish Get close to achieving goal, set up next one Freedom Self esteem = Do YOU control events? OR Do EVENTS control you? What's life on your terms? How do you want life to be? Your definition of an extraordinary life Discipline - Freedom Be honest, don't rationalize Focus, Action, and Consistency Drive/Motivation Focus Surround yourself with Kindred Souls who are ahead of you

3.3. Watch your language & Focus

3.3.1. 2 Worlds - in vs out - We control our inside world

3.3.2. Words Turn "shoulds" into "must" Don't say "have to/ got to" say "get to" life is not a job it's freedom

3.3.3. Don't tell yourself a story: What stops us is the story we tell ourself of why we can't have it Don't make something too big Focus on the outcome instead of the process

3.4. Rationalization and their Solutions

3.4.1. Don't Rationalize Be honest Do chunking - take a small step, once you get motion, you get momentum Don't use softeners "It's not that bad" or compare yourself to others to make yourself feel good Don't train yourself to feel good without changing anything = accepting mediocracy Don't lower expectations or settle Mediocracy is settling for less than who you really are

3.4.2. Raise Standards All change happens in a minute "I love you", "Never again!" "I do" Where you are and want to be If you are not growing you are dying Difference in people's lives is the difference in their standards Unreasonable people rule the world The only thing that makes you feel great is living life at your level


4.1. Edge

4.1.1. Clarity Being honest of where you are Knowing what you want

4.1.2. Tools Map Someone who has to done to show you how to do it in the shortest period

4.1.3. Mindset Unlock conflicts


4.2.1. PSYCHOLOGY/BELIEFS -There are Laws to achievement Ability to achieve - How do you turn vision into reality? Laws -Patterns of Success & Failure

5. Every day Emotions, State of Mind, and Beliefs to control regular life

5.1. What Emotions do you have? What emotions do you want?

5.1.1. Know what emotions you want in your life - We are the emotions we make habitual Life has meaning The quality of your life is the quality of the consistent emotions you feel Meaning comes from giving back Your Mind & emotions are aligned How fast can you change your emotions? Focus speed Honesty, gratefulness, fulfillment, excitement/drive Be Grateful

5.2. How to change Emotions

5.2.1. You can change your emotions in an instant. The TRIAD/STATE: 1 - Physical(Health & fitness levels, posture{body/face language}, breathing{full/shallow/rapid/slow}, tone, motion/activity levels) Emotion is created by motion 2 - Focus and belief ("Thoughts") What we focus on -  we feel Focus = reality, whether it's true or not You can't build on failure, don't get stuck on past mistakes 3 - Language (Pattern of thought, choice of words, Incantations) Don't ask yourself things like "How come this always happens to me?" "How come I can't...?" The MOST IMPORTANT THING IS EMOTIONAL AWARENESS

5.2.2. ART OF FUlFILLMENT HOUR OF POWER Movement- fitness Gratitudes/Visualization/reflection Incantations - fitness Celebrate Not absolute in it's rules; it's an ART