openplanet bad ideas

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openplanet bad ideas by Mind Map: openplanet bad ideas

1. cost outweights benefit

1.1. human power train equipping many devices for energy distribution costs a lot and only useful if the energy generation is dependable and significant.

1.2. Two in one, satellite dish and solar cooker - the synergies here extend only to the mirror and shape of the dish - expensive part of sattelite communications is the transmit, receive, decode electronics

1.3. Automated Hydroponic Plants - use energy intensive tech to grow plants that arent suited to environment - better to find solution that works with nature than against

2. doesnt solve a problem

2.1. pocket farm - availability of greenhouses isnt a limiiting factor for agriculture in the majoirty of cases

2.2. our own organics - not clear that urban gardens and internet are plentiful in cities with food supply problems

2.3. MyTinkuy, construisez la communauté - the idea is to create a generic social network, there are already many of these

2.4. the poacher pravity - the problems around poaching animals stem from local culture, local politics, local poverty interseecting with western demand - it's not realistic to assume a solution can be found without considering these aspects - if the policing resources assumed in the proposal were in place i suspect poaching would not be a problem

3. no environmental benefit

3.1. food-indicator not practical, better achived through labelling, more about nutrition than environment

4. acceptability

4.1. Remote robotic proxy This doesnt seem an acceptable substitute for a travel experience

4.2. give your name tiger - nature shouldnt belong to one person (especially not celebrities!) - not a scalable way to finance - invasive to gps tag an animal you sell to a celebrity

4.3. housepool - people make their living choices based on social / quality of life factors - not realistic to expect people to maximise occupancy of their home for environmental reasons

5. No improvement on current situation

5.1. Virtual energy tourism - doesnt improve on current information available on energy installations; internet, documentaries etc

6. not feasible

6.1. pollution noise to energy - no concept on how it can be made possible

6.2. reinvent the waterwheel - energy is needed to create mains water pressure - extracting energy from mains water pressure costs energy to water infrastructure

6.3. semi flexible concrete - the claim that mixing rubber in concrete makes earthquake resistant buildings needs some support...