Social Changes Involving Women from 1914 - present

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Social Changes Involving Women from 1914 - present by Mind Map: Social Changes Involving Women from 1914 - present

1. Women had a "don't care" attitude

2. Everyone wanted to be rich, it was like everyone one wanted what the other guy has

3. Flappers

3.1. Party girl, smoked, drank, voted and cut her hair short

4. World War II 1939-1945

4.1. War once again, gave women the opportunity to show what their potential is

4.1.1. JOBS Served in Armed forces,both home and abroad Airforce Industrial labor weapons ammo Medial field Nurses Doctors over seas Farming

4.2. Women took over any jobs men had left behind. They were the reason our country was able to still run.

4.3. Propaganda encouraged women to work in efforts to win the war

4.3.1. "We can do it"

4.3.2. "Do the job HE left behind, apply U.S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE"

4.4. Women were creative by the way they dress because of clothes rationing

4.4.1. Reuse and recycle

4.4.2. New purposed for pieces of clothing

4.4.3. Old clothes were given new life

5. 1950's

5.1. Men came back from war, taking most of the jobs back,, even though many women wanted to keep their jobs

5.1.1. A few jobs were still available to women nurses teachers Clerical jobs office related, involving administrative task

5.1.2. Led to women taking care of children and household

5.2. Ex. womens jacket and skirt may have been a man;s pin stripe suit

5.3. Media displayed women as housewives

5.3.1. Cooking, cleaning and just always looking happy for others

5.3.2. Society believed the only goal for women was to meet the pleasures of their family

5.4. Advancing technology, allowed women to have more free time

5.4.1. Time for hobbies, interest and even school School wasn't as popular, many women became wives and lived a quiet life

6. 1960's

6.1. Women in the workforce became more commom

6.1.1. dissatisfaction of women with gender differences in pay

6.1.2. sexual harassment occurred

6.2. Birth control was introduced

6.2.1. Women had more choices more freedom with personal lives

6.2.2. Were able to control the way they wanted their life to go

6.3. Society began to kinda accept the goals of feminist

6.3.1. end to domestic violence

6.3.2. end to sexual harrassment

6.3.3. sharing responsibilities around the house hold

6.4. Awkward decade of change, confusion and a transition for women

6.5. Women were still not able to do certain things because of their gender

6.5.1. Couldnt open a bank account or credit without a husband cosigning it

6.5.2. Serve on a jury

6.5.3. Experience equality in a workplace


7. The Dirty '30s

7.1. Many jobs were lost by men by the Great Depression

7.1.1. Women were heavily depended on Cooking and providing for the family in anyway they could

7.1.2. Even though men didn't have jobs, women still had to take of the household.

7.2. Fashion wasn't a priority, everyone was becoming broke and trying to handle the situation

8. World War I

9. 1970's

9.1. Women gained the right to have abortions

9.2. Received more right than they did in the past

9.3. Feminist movement is beginning to be more known

9.3.1. gained a larger audience

9.3.2. protested and picketing Began to stand up for that they believed in toward sexist laws

9.4. Still a huge gap in the wage of genders

9.4.1. Women typically made 45% less then men in the same position in any field


10. 1980's

10.1. Education for young women continued to expand

10.2. Progress to equality

10.2.1. women were paid about 32% less than what men did

10.3. Women began to call themselves by involving marital staus

10.3.1. Mrs.,Ms.,Miss

10.4. Madonna was a ground breaking female artist of the 1980s

10.4.1. Impact on women Attitudes Fashion

10.5. Media

10.5.1. Women weren't portrayed as young sex symbols

10.5.2. Independent and out spoken women Was able to keep the audiences' attention without fitting older social standards

11. 1990's

11.1. Women in politics was becoming more common in comparison to earlier decades

11.1.1. Gave women courage to speak up about social problems Mostly sexual harassment in workplace

11.2. Feminism continues to grow!

11.2.1. Girl power became popular Encouraged young women to reach their potential

11.3. Many female artist rose in popularity

11.4. New node

12. The Roaring '20s / Jazz Age

12.1. All fun and games, everyone was living life and began purchasing goods

12.1.1. Demands for more materialistic goods not just needs

13. Stock Market Crashed

13.1. Too many people on margin

13.1.1. Too many stocks bought with margin, no money actually going back in the system

13.2. Economy was bankrupted

14. LED TO

15. Housewives took over/were recruited for jobs that were typical for men since they had gone to war

15.1. 1917, munition factories were primarily employed by women to keep up with the demand for the war

15.1.1. MAIN JOBS: Factory (weapons,ammo)

15.2. At first, this wasn't common since it was considered as "Men's work"

16. The beginning of the demand of equal pay

16.1. Lower wages for doing the same work

16.2. Strikes in London (UK), "Equal pay for equal work"

17. Weren't considered "people" when it came to voting

17.1. When conscription crucial, women who had husbands or sons of were fighting were allowed to vote. They were typically in favor of the government



18.1. Step forward to women and our own rights regarding what society says

19. Soldiers returned, and men returned to their regular jobs

20. New concept of the Stock market

20.1. First time, that credit was introduced

20.1.1. People spent more than they actually had using margin

21. Highly contributed to the

22. Present

22.1. Women do it and can have it all

22.1.1. Part time wives, moms, workers, etc.

22.2. Feminist idea is becoming more known and popular

22.2.1. Gender equality Equal pay for the same work Equal opportunities

22.3. Today women can pursue jobs that were typical for men back in the day

22.3.1. Jobs aren't as gender specific

22.4. Women have the same rights as men

22.5. Can do as they wished

22.6. Fashion depends on the person, a lot of variety for different types of women

23. War ended!!



24.1.1. POLITICS

24.1.2. LAW

24.1.3. SCIENCES

25. Women are beginning to become equal to men, certain jobs aren't as gender specific

25.1. New node