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Kindergarten Social Studies " ALL ABOUT ME" by Mind Map: Kindergarten Social Studies
            " ALL ABOUT ME"
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Kindergarten Social Studies " ALL ABOUT ME"

Day 1

Introduce Booklet

Group Work

Discuss each students name


Day 2

Group Work

Discussion on Family members

Pictures of Family Members


Day 3

Group Work

Brainstorm-Body parts

Pictowords of Bodyparts

Large paper with body

Day 4

Facial Features

Group Work-Discussion

Put facial feature on face

Day 6,7,8,& 9

Body Mural

Trace Bodies

Cut out Bodies

Paint on faces, hair, & clothes


Day 10


Discuss difference/similarities

Have students color their little selves

Put students on Growth Tree

Day 11

Paint Hands

Put on paper


Day 5

Birthday Cake

Discuss Birthdays, Age

Students color, cut out cake & candles

Day 12

Paint Feet

Put on Paper


Day 13

Last Page

Group Picture

Finishing Touches

Having collected all work

Glue work onto Colored Construction Paper


Put Pages together to Create Book