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Olympics by Mind Map: Olympics

1. Arts

1.1. Visual arts

1.1.1. Design and create the opening ceremony uniform for a country of your choice. Create using a variety of materials, techniques and processes to display your piece.

1.1.2. Explore the historical and culturally significant colour features of various countries and how they can display their culture in the national colours to the global audience.

1.1.3. Create a poster advertising the olympics

1.1.4. Create a piece of work that describe the landscape of the Rio Olympics

1.2. Drama

1.2.1. Re-enactment of a gold medal ceremony

1.2.2. Commentate on a fictional Olympic event

1.2.3. Act out a scene that displays the Olympic spirit showing action and empathy

1.3. Media Arts

1.3.1. Create a news report on a historically famous event.

1.3.2. Create a fictional blog of the one sport throughout the games

1.3.3. Students create a tv broadcast to interview an olympic medalist

1.4. Music

1.4.1. Explore national anthems of various countries.

1.4.2. Look at traditional instruments and sounds used by host nations

1.4.3. Create a significant chant for Australia to use during the olympic games

2. Humanities

2.1. History

2.1.1. Create a timeline of the origins of the olympics.

2.1.2. Research changes from ancient olympics through to the modern olympics.

2.1.3. Compare and contrast the sporting arenas, equipment used, sports etc..

2.1.4. Study the purpose of the ancient olympics and it's meaning.

2.1.5. Research Peirre De Coubertin and the foundation of modern Olympics

2.1.6. Assessment on the history of Rio De Janeiro

2.2. Geography

2.2.1. Design a map of where the olympic marathon could go though in your home town. Take the event past historical, culturally significant places, challenging environment.

2.2.2. Design map of the world showing where all the Olympic games have been held

2.2.3. Research the spread of olympic venues throughout the host city

2.2.4. Analyse the climate of Rio, Brazil and look at the range of factors the athletes will have to face

2.2.5. Discuss the terrain of Rio and why it was a good location for the Olympics.

2.3. Economics and Business

2.3.1. Oral presentation to justify why hosting the Olympic games would be good for your home town or city.

2.3.2. Discuss the amount of people that will come to watch the Olympic games based on previous games

2.3.3. Discuss the money that this would bring into your home town.

2.3.4. Research the amount of money it would cost to go to the olympics as an athlete in a specific sport

2.4. Civic and Citizenship

2.4.1. Research project on a famous Australian aboriginal athlete that has competed in the olympic games. Include facts about their life, sporting career, post sporting career.

2.4.2. Essay on the unity of the olympics and how it brings cultures together

2.4.3. Discussion on the impact of winning a gold medal is to the nation.

3. Physical Education

3.1. Playing sports that will be represented in the Olympic games.

3.2. Learn about rules of unusual sports only seen o TV during Olympics

3.3. Create own game with rules that could be used in the Olympic games

4. Cross curriculum links