A Union Divided

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A Union Divided by Mind Map: A Union Divided

1. Objectives: Students will know the causes of the war including succession leading to the attack on Fort Sumter.

2. Assessment Summative: Students will take an Exam based off the Union Divided Unit. Topics will address Political Challenges, Causes leading up to the War, and Lincoln's plan among others for Reconstructing the nation.

3. Teaching will play crash course video at the beginning of class. Once finished students will be asked to read chapter 16 in their textbook.

4. Objectives: Students will examine both plans for Reconstruction and differentiate the Radical VS Moderate plans.

4.1. Assessment Formative: A graphic organizer activity will be handed out and students will complete a Flow Chart after viewing a crash course video and reading chapter 16.

4.1.1. Assessment Summative: Students will write a 2.5-3 page paper analyzing the different political parties during the Civil War Era and evaluate/differentiate their differences and plans for Reconstruction.

5. Succession build up

6. Effect of Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction

7. Teacher gives lecture presentation on the Political Challenges of the 1850s.

8. Students will then be engaged with the lesson by filling in notes on their guided handouts.

9. Assessment Formative: Students will complete a Webercise activity to demonstrate the knowledge learned.

10. Teacher will begin lesson by handing out Webercise activity, Students will then work individually to finish Webercise activity.

11. Objectives: Students will be able to interpret the Political Challenges of the 1850s leading up to the Civil War.

12. Entry Level: Students will be given a quiz to assess their prior knowledge of the past fews days lecture. Assessment Formative: Throughout the lecture students will be asked critical thinking questions and share answers with their neighbors.

12.1. Assessment Formative: Students will do a quiz flash card style recalling what they learned from the past days lecture following the critical thinking questions.

13. Political Challenges of the 1850s