v16 tech review

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v16 tech review by Mind Map: v16 tech review

1. small tasks

1.1. us date formats

1.1.1. Blog date format on teasers date formats are now formatting correctly based on "region context"

1.1.2. formatting can be defined by site regions

1.1.3. we need technical documentation on dates

1.2. search boosting

1.2.1. We have a boost field on content types tick-box on node edit form

1.2.2. applies only to site search sort by score

1.2.3. search score multiplier boost will always come first

1.2.4. how will this be managed over time? We should have a view of all boosted pages add a view of boosted content permissions?

1.3. embed

1.3.1. finish tools for extracting zips on production

1.3.2. tools for debugging

2. New Hybrid menu for global

2.1. can now have one item

3. Search bar for guide listing pages

3.1. We had built this when we developed

3.2. context was enabled

4. Widget header page structure

4.1. Home page h1

4.1.1. hidden by CSS

4.1.2. home page h1 needs to be made visible need discussion with client

4.2. We automatically alter the page H1 rendering when title and standfirst is hidden

4.2.1. documentation required for new hero widgets

4.2.2. can we create a widget build checklist Widget checklist as a test

4.3. reveal headings and IDs

4.3.1. now visible for editors

5. carousel in body

6. FAQ widget

6.1. We abandoned the FAQ field

6.1.1. not compatible with  inline forms

6.1.2. cannot work in widgets

6.1.3. formatters cannot work

6.2. rebuilt as custom

7. unpublished pages

7.1. rebuild node access table

7.1.1. add to node access rebuild to deploy process

8. roles

8.1. https://codepositive.atlassian.net/wiki/display/WP/User+roles

8.2. permissions testing

9. Image title and alt tags

9.1. the image presets are normally fixed for every possible image

9.1.1. we added selectable view mode formatter this did not handle title and alt we added a template

10. redirects

10.1. secure pages now use 301

10.2. module has been patched

11. scheduled publishing

11.1. scheduler module

11.2. users need to have their time zones set up!

11.2.1. scheduler uses the users time zone

11.2.2. training

12. purge

12.1. need to work with acquia

13. content audit

13.1. https://codepositive.atlassian.net/wiki/display/WP/Content+audit+-+June++2016

14. solr stats

14.1. solr stats module

14.1.1. incompatatble with solr views

14.2. analtyics regex is a broken on ?

15. href-lang

15.1. We have added a tab to the node edit screen

15.2. Process userflow and UX refinement

15.3. now have default values

16. insight articles view

16.1. rebuilt to use solr

16.2. The is a tiny scroll-bar bug on small screens.

16.2.1. not using mobile responsive theming

16.3. We are getting better at creating these

16.3.1. new module for facets

16.3.2. we need to review our directory build pattern and automation

16.3.3. build code generators

16.4. Behat tests for insight articles should be defined as a core pattern

17. style guide

17.1. There is no real style guide for this site

17.2. we can't retrofit a real style guide because there is no good foundation

18. caching

18.1. clearing all caches all the time is a problem

18.2. we need to be able to understand caching as a team

18.2.1. Drupal 8 training for caching

18.3. performance QA

18.3.1. New relic

18.3.2. performance A/B testing

19. robots.txt

19.1. we can now edit the robots.txt via Admin ui

19.2. When we upgrade drupal, we need to remove the file