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Teachers 2.0 by Mind Map: Teachers 2.0
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Teachers 2.0


Who would you talk to in your state to make reccomendations?

How can we be proactive?

Best thing about Illinois act is that funding was included

Web 2.0 Legislation

All new technologies being blocked

Banning necessary for many things

Guilt by association

Who is actually going to teach them?

Kids losing out because they don't have access to new technology tools


Rachel Amstutz

Aaron Smith

Cristi miller

Steve Dembo

Picks of the moment



Art Edventures


Librarian leaves Mark on School

In late '70s Cali got rid of all librarians

She made the library enticing to today's students

Library became a reward at the school

Taught kids to evaluate information

Kids are still growing up in a largely print world

Working with parents to build literacy at home

Turning the negative (could be losing her) into a positive (school rallying around her)

Curriki update

Keep an eye out, up and coming

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