Character - Richter From Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Character - Richter From Castlevania: Symphony of the Night by Mind Map: Character - Richter From Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

1. Attack

1.1. Normal attack whip (press b)

1.1.1. Richter attacks by brandishing his whip, which is extended horizontally

1.1.2. By holding b, Richter's whip will become loose and allows the player to twirl the whip in all directions by pressing the arrow key while holding b (this action can neutralise the lesser fireballs Dracula shoots, but not the huge fireballs; it can also damage Dracula's head if the player manages to reach his head with the whip)

1.1.3. By pressing v when no special weapons are wielded, Richter's whip will be set on fire, allowing his whip attacks to deal more damage

1.1.4. Richter can also perform this attack while jumping or crouching

1.2. Special weapon attack (press up + b)

1.2.1. If Richter wields the blue cross weapon, he will throw it which can deal damage twice like a boomerang (this can be done while jumping)

1.2.2. If Richter wields the vial of blue potion (or holy water), he will throw it at the ground and cause an explosion (this can be done while jumping, and will hit Dracula's face instead of the ground if Ricter is close enough)

1.3. Sliding attack (press down + c)

1.3.1. Richter would slide quickly over a fixed distance, his animation blurred to make him look like he's moving really fast, and can avoid high attacks (this attack does not deal damage)

1.3.2. By pressing c again after using this ability, Richter will perform a flying kick after sliding which can deal damage to Dracula's face, as well as his beast form

1.4. Special Weapon Ultimate Ability (press v)

1.4.1. If Richter wields no special weapon, he abosorbs energy from his surrounding and sets his whip on fire (see normal attack)

1.4.2. If Richter wields the cross, he will jump up and summons a pillar of white light, and giant wooden crosses will emerge and deal some damage (not much really, need to use it twice to kill Dracula in his beast form), he appears to be invincible in this state

1.4.3. If Richter wields the vial of holy water, he will point to the sky, and rain will fall and damage all enemies (this ability will one-shot Dracula in his beast form, but not in his vampire form since he disappears every now and then in his vampire form)

1.5. Super Jump Attack (press up, down, c)

1.5.1. Richter will perform a flying uppercut where he skyrockets quickly, capable of dealing damage to all enemies he passes on the way

1.5.2. This can be performed in the middle of a normal jump, a backflip, or a super jump

2. Move

2.1. Move normally (press and hold left/right arrow keys)

2.1.1. Richter walks at a decent walking pace with a hunchback

2.1.2. var moveleft:Boolean = true; OR var moveright:Boolean = true

2.2. Run (double tap and hold left/right arrow keys)

2.2.1. Richter will run at a fast pace, his character will be blurred with smoke at his feet during the first 1 second of running (these effects cease after 1 second)

2.2.2. var runleft:Boolean = true; OR var runright:Boolean = true

2.3. Crouch (press down arrow key)

2.3.1. Richter will crouch and dodge high attacks

2.3.2. var crouch:Boolean = true

2.4. Block? (press up arrow key)

2.4.1. Richter will appear to assume a blocking stance, but doing this does not actually mitigate any damage, so this essentially seems to be a useless command

2.4.2. var block:Boolean = true

3. Idle

3.1. Immediately after moving or performing an action, Richter will look like he's panting, and slowly becomes less heavy

3.1.1. var idle:Boolean = true; var still:Boolean = false

3.2. When not moving after about 10 seconds, Richter becomes still

3.2.1. var still:Boolean = true

4. Damaged

4.1. Richter's damaged animation varies according to how he's damaged

4.1.1. If attacked by fire, Richter will stagger backwards and be engulfed in flames

4.1.2. var firedamage:Boolean = true;

4.1.3. If standing where vampire Dracula is, Richter will stagger backwards, but no additional animation effects occur

4.1.4. var normaldamage:Boolean = true;

4.1.5. If running straight into vampire Dracula OR standing where vampire Dracula is and getting hitting by fire, Richter will stagger backwards and appear to be engulfed by electricity

4.1.6. var lightningdamage:Boolean = true;

4.2. Richter always lands in his crouch position with smoke appearing if he is damaged in mid-air

5. Death

5.1. When Richter dies, he goes into his crouch position

5.2. var crouch:Boolean = true;

5.3. Maria will revive Richter when he dies, by giving him 4 spirit animals' energy and willpower and make him invincible for the rest of the boss stage with Dracula

5.3.1. Maria will look around helplessly after running in the screen with sweat appearing in the form of water droplets

5.3.2. Upon receiving the spirit animals and being revived, Richter will jump up, and summons a pillar of white light (similar to the cross's ultimate ability) and at the end of it be engulfed in blue energy

5.3.3. Richter will be invincible afterwards, as indicated by his character that is flashing/blinking

5.3.4. Richter can no longer be damaged, but the flames animation still occurs when being hit by fire, though he will not stagger

6. Jump

6.1. Normal jump (press c)

6.1.1. When performing a normal jump, there are 3 different animations as Richter rises: 1 - he rises with his legs crossing, 2 - he does a duck jump, 3 - his legs resume the position in 1

6.1.2. var jump:Boolean = true; var fall:Boolean = false;

6.1.3. When falling, Richter only has 1 animation, where he looks at the ground and extends his arm as though he could mitigate his fall with it

6.1.4. var fall:Boolean = false; var fall:Boolean = true;

6.1.5. Upon landing, Richter immediately assumes his idle stance

6.1.6. var idle:Boolean = true;

6.1.7. If Richter falls from a great distance, he will assume a crouch position with smoke appearing at his feet upon landing

6.1.8. var smoke:Boolean = true; var crouch:Boolean = true;

6.2. Jump and backflip (press c, c)

6.2.1. The buttons must be pressed in quick succession or blackflip will not occur

6.2.2. var jump:Boolean = true; var backflip:Boolean = true;

6.2.3. Upon landing, Richter will assume a crouch position with smoke appearing and slide a short distance in the direction of the backflip

6.2.4. var smoke:Boolean = true; var crouch:Boolean = true; var slide:Boolean = true;

6.3. Super Jump Uppercut (press up, down, c)

6.3.1. Richter will have his fist in the air as he skyrockets to the highest possible area, his character blurred

6.3.2. var superuppercut:Boolean = true;

6.3.3. He falls in the same manner as he does after a normal jump

6.3.4. var fall:Boolean = true;

6.3.5. Like backflipping, Richter will assume a crouch position upon landing with smoke appearing, but will not slide at all

6.3.6. var smoke:Boolean = true; var crouch:Boolean = true;