Rockman & Forte Game

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Rockman & Forte Game by Mind Map: Rockman & Forte Game

1. Mechanics

1.1. Parkour to jump around the platforms

1.2. Shoot enemies to collect health orb/progress. Best method so far is to spam your fire button for fast wave clear.

2. Character

2.1. Has a pulse cannon

2.2. Has look Left and Right Animation (Left and Right Arrow Keys)

2.3. Has Jump Animation (A to Jump)

2.4. Has Dash animation

2.5. Has climbing up and down ladder animation

2.6. Has double jump animation (Press A again after Jumping)

2.7. Has blinking animation when receiving damage

3. Enemy

3.1. Has spike enemy that will poke you when you get too close

3.2. Has a shield enemy that would block attacks and requires you to shoot him from the back

3.3. Has a fire enemy that has fire on his head, making it hard to jump above him

3.4. There is a turret that would fire projectiles towards your location

3.5. There are fireballs that would bounce up and damage you from the lava

3.6. There is an upward burning flamethrower which requires timing to solve the puzzle

3.7. There is a slime boss that requires you to kill him after shooting his core rapidly. He is able to spawn slime minions that walks towards you.

4. User Interface/Controls

4.1. Health Bar is shown and can be replenished through mob drops and health pickups.

4.2. Dash + Jump is needed to jump platforms

4.3. No implication of next stage, camera stops following when nearing the next stage/end of the map.

4.4. Controlling of characters is easy. Arrow keys to move, Q to Shoot, A to Jump, S/Double Tap Direction you want to move to Dash.

4.5. Option to save is present but since emulator is in Japanese it is hard to navigate.

4.6. Direction which character shoots can be changed by pressing the arrow key in the direction you want to shoot + Fire Button.

4.7. You are limited to 3 lives per run before having to restart. Saving the game is encouraged.