Castlevania Character #2

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Castlevania Character #2 by Mind Map: Castlevania Character #2

1. Movement

1.1. Jump var jump:Boolean = true;

1.1.1. Falling var fall:Boolean = true Body going up Body going down Attack points down Shadow appears

1.1.2. Shadow appears

1.2. Running var run:Boolean = true;

1.2.1. Starting Dust appears

1.2.2. Braking to a stop Dust appears

1.2.3. Run opposite direction of where character is facing Character turns around with an animation to run

1.2.4. Shadow appears

1.3. Crouching var crouch:Boolean = true;

1.3.1. Shadow appears

1.3.2. Animation of crouching down

1.3.3. Cape floats down

1.3.4. Hair floats down

1.4. Special Move var special:Boolean = true;

1.4.1. Backstep Animation of backstep Shadow appears Dust appears

1.5. Idle var idle:Boolean = true;

1.5.1. Moving up and down animation

1.5.2. Only temporary

1.5.3. Remains completely still after short animation

2. Attacks

2.1. One Handed Weapon var oneattack:Boolean = true;

2.1.1. Fast

2.1.2. Can be pointed down and directed

2.1.3. Medium damage

2.2. Two Handed Weapon var twoattack:Boolean = true;

2.2.1. Slower

2.2.2. Only directed at where player is facing.

2.2.3. Large damage

2.3. None (Fists) var punch:Boolean = true;

2.3.1. Shorter range

2.3.2. Less damage

3. Castlevania Character #1 (Richter)

3.1. Movement

3.1.1. Jump var jump:Boolean = true; Falling Body going up Body going down Attack remains forward Shadow appears Shadow appears

3.1.2. Running var run:Boolean = true; Starting Dust appears Braking Shadow appears

3.1.3. Crouching var crouch:Boolean = true; Shadow appears Animation

3.1.4. Special Move Slide var slide:Boolean = true; Shadow appears Dust Slide + Jump var slidejump:Boolean = true; Dust Shadow appears When stopping Crouches down Dust

3.1.5. Idle var idle:Boolean = true; When playable Moving up and down animation When in cutscene or at start Back facing camera, still

3.2. Attacks

3.2.1. Chain Normal attack var nattack:Boolean = true; Straightens out from player Flashes multiple colours when completely straight to indicate damaging Special attack var spattack:Boolean = true; Player remains completely still Chain just spins around player's hand

3.2.2. Uppercut var uppercut:Boolean = true; Player jumps up Dust Shadow Falling animation Crouches down after landing Can be used multiple times

3.2.3. Dash Forward var dash:Boolean = true; Spinning "Shuriken" around fist Shadow Fall crouches

3.2.4. Throwing Glowing Cross var throwcross:Boolean = true Cross spins Glows Blue Returns back Caught back by player

3.3. Appearance

3.3.1. Blue top

3.3.2. Brown pants

4. Appearance

4.1. Dark clothes

4.2. Longer hair

4.2.1. White