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insightly by Mind Map: insightly
0.0 stars - reviews range from 0 to 5


must have

resolve contact management issues

does not synch!

This is a show stopper, almost

staff management

email management

no apparent synch

just copies

task management

creation of mailing lists?

mailiing list management?

doesn't look like Insightly has it


can merge orgs quickly

currently free


cannot export tasks

there is a synch with calendar... but I've not seen it working yet

no reporting feature

cannot synch contacts


how is the news for an org chosen?

how do I get control of that?

how are they going to make $?

waiting on answer

synchronize with google contacts?


tasks to calendar syncronization?

apparently takes some time


apparent failure to merge orgs

problems with merging contacts

chromium crashes


not ready for primetime