Introduction to Multimedia

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Introduction to Multimedia by Mind Map: Introduction to Multimedia

1. Multimedia

1.1. A combination of text, art, sound, animation, and video

1.2. Delivered to user by electronic or digitally manipulated means

1.3. Information can be represented, stored, transmitted and processed digitally

2. Linear & Nolinear

2.1. Linear: Project that are not interactive

3. Hypertext & Hypermedia

3.1. Hypertext: Text which contains links to other texts

3.2. Hypermedia: Not constrained to be text- based. It can include other media.

4. Application of Multimedia

4.1. Business

4.2. Schools

4.3. E-learning

4.4. Home

4.5. Public places

4.6. Virtual reality

5. Delivering Multimedia

5.1. CD-ROM

5.2. DVD

5.3. Flash drives

5.4. Broadband Internet