Piracy International "PI"

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Piracy International "PI" by Mind Map: Piracy International "PI"

1. About

1.1. International embodiment of a political movement that began in Sweden

1.2. Advocates

1.2.1. Loosing of intellectual property

1.2.2. Better Online Privacy

1.2.3. Platform of radical transparency with respect to oversight of government activities throughout the world

1.3. Business Model

1.3.1. Non-profit

1.3.2. Based on donations

2. PI Tech

2.1. Projects

2.1.1. MicroTorrent

2.1.2. Prototype of decentralized domain name system

2.1.3. Exodus About open-source platform that is essentially a distributed social networking service Users control their personal data Anti-Essence Interface Provider users with a limited server capabilities Users populate AEI with personal data Included GUI similar to QB Profile page Access Control which is a granular level control of who access the data Wand About

2.1.4. QuickLeak Book (QLB) Located at https://www.QLBook.ca Venue for anonymously leaked documents

3. Location

3.1. Based on Ontario