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Insidious by Mind Map: Insidious

1. Insidious entities

1.1. Lipstick-Face Demon

1.2. Long Haired Fiend

1.3. Old Woman

1.4. Doll Girls

1.5. Dancing Boy

1.6. Ghoul/Contortionist

2. Summary of every movie

2.1. Chapter 1

2.1.1. When life's challenges aren't enough to scare you, you might start looking for something more. One thing you may find are horror movies. Part of the most prominent movies of this genre is Insidious. The movie was written by Leigh Whannel and under the direction of James Wan. As of today, July 2016, 3 chapters were produced with each sequel having its own adventures and scares to show you and send chills throughout your body. Insidious 1 was released on the first of April in 2010. It is a grasping story of a family looking for help for their child, Dalton, who fell into a state of extreme lethargy after a puzzling occurrence in the storage room. Much to their dismay that there is a great deal more to this interminable rest than meets the eye as they investigate the paranormal, and rediscover the past; the way to recovering their child for the last time.

2.2. Chapter 2

2.2.1. After a successful first movie, another chapter was released on September 13, 2013. Insidious 2 shows a flashback wherin we see Josh (Patrick Wilson) Lambert, as a child, is experiencing difficulty with the old woman with dark red lipstick, who executed Elise toward the end of the principal film. Elise and a man named Carl, are summoned to help with the issue, in light of the fact that Josh's mom, Lorraine, is concerned. In time, they discover he's a unique capacity of astral projection amid his rest. Elsie inquires as to whether she can talk with Josh, and as we see Josh through the viewfinder of an old VHS camera, Elsie starts asking Josh questions, whose answers make her tremble. Next, Elsie solicits Josh to play an amusement from 'hot and icy' with Elise, and they discover him conversing with somebody and an entryway opens, with no obvious means.

2.3. Chapter 3

3. Characters

3.1. Humans

3.1.1. Josh Lambert

3.1.2. Renai Lambert

3.1.3. Dalton Lambert

3.1.4. Lorraine Lambert

3.1.5. Foster Lambert

3.1.6. Elise Rainier

3.1.7. Specs

3.1.8. Tucker

3.1.9. Carl

3.1.10. Sean Brenner

3.1.11. Quinn Brenner

4. Reviews and Critique

4.1. Ratings

4.1.1. IMDb 1: 6.8/10 2: 6.6/10 3: 6.1/10

4.1.2. Rotten Tomatoes 1: 6/10 2: 4.8/10 3: 5.5/10

4.2. Critiques

4.2.1. The New York Times "The strongest analogue for the second half of Insidious is one that the filmmakers probably weren’t trying for: it feels like a less poetic version of an M. Night Shyamalan fairy tale. (Anderson, 2011)"

4.2.2. Rotten Tomatoes "Aside from a shaky final act, Insidious is a very scary and very fun haunted house thrill ride."

4.2.3. Cinemablend "Insidious is terrifying in a completely different way than most horror movies. While the genre continues to creep toward exorcisms, thrill killers and the mentally deranged, Insidious finds its inspiration in long-forgotten side shows and unnerving pseudoscience fiction stories that blend homemade gadgets and the supernatural."

5. General Description

5.1. To complement the horror genre of the movie franchise Insidious, the coffee table book will take on a dark-themed concept while still being classy and informative. A horror movie will lose its effect if the book is text heavy so there will just be an enough amount of text and will be balanced out by related figures. Not-too-graphic photos will be used to keep the coffee table book work-friendly. Several scare photos will also be included as to keep the reader entertained (or scared) and give justice to the movie’s purpose.

6. Cast

6.1. Chapter 1

6.1.1. Patrick Wilson

6.1.2. Rose Bryne

6.1.3. Ty Simpkins

6.1.4. Lin Shaye

6.1.5. Leigh Whannell

6.1.6. Angus Sampson

6.1.7. Barbara Hershey

6.1.8. Andrew Astor

6.1.9. Corbett Tuck

6.1.10. Heather Tocquigny

6.1.11. Ruben Pla

6.1.12. John Henry Binder

6.1.13. Joseph Bishara

6.1.14. Philip Friedman

6.1.15. Kelly Hitman

6.1.16. J. LaRose

6.1.17. Josh Feldman

6.1.18. Caslin Rose

6.1.19. Omar Apanco Salgado

6.1.20. Jeannette Sousa

6.1.21. Ben Woolf

6.2. Chapter 2

6.2.1. Patrick Wilson

6.2.2. Rose Bryne

6.2.3. Ty Simpkins

6.2.4. Lin Shaye

6.2.5. Barbara Hershey

6.2.6. Steve Coulter

6.2.7. Leigh Whannell

6.2.8. Angus Sampson

6.2.9. Andrew Astor

6.2.10. Hank Harris

6.2.11. Jocelyn Danuhue

6.2.12. Lindsay Sei

6.2.13. Danielle Bisutti

6.2.14. Garrett Ryan

6.2.15. Tom Fitzpatrick

6.2.16. Michael Beach

6.2.17. J. LaRose

6.2.18. Brooke Peoples

6.2.19. Edwina FIndley Dickerson

6.2.20. Tyler Griffin

6.2.21. Stephanie Pearson

6.2.22. Jorge-Luis Pallo

6.2.23. Priscilla Garita

6.2.24. Jenna Orteha

6.2.25. Dannay Rodriguez

6.2.26. Sienna Farall

6.2.27. Jack Walsh

6.2.28. Brynn Bowie

6.2.29. Madison Bowie

6.2.30. Kimberly Ables Jindra

6.2.31. Tim Padilla

6.2.32. Dylan Quigg

6.3. Chapter 3

6.3.1. Dermont Mulroney

6.3.2. Stefanie Scott

6.3.3. Angus Sampson

6.3.4. Leigh Whannell

6.3.5. Lin Shaye

6.3.6. Tate Berney

6.3.7. Michael Reid MacKay

6.3.8. Steve Coulter

6.3.9. Hayley Kiyoko

6.3.10. Corbett Tuck

6.3.11. Tom Fitzpatrick

6.3.12. Tom Gallop

6.3.13. Jeris Poindexter

6.3.14. Ele Keats

6.3.15. Phyllis Applegate

6.3.16. Phil Abrams

6.3.17. Erin Anderson

6.3.18. Amaris Davidson

6.3.19. Ashton Moio

6.3.20. Ruben Garfias

6.3.21. Fawn Irish

6.3.22. Taylor John Smith

6.3.23. Adrian Sparks

6.3.24. Jacob Crawford

6.3.25. James Wan

6.3.26. Garrett Ryan

6.3.27. Joseph Bishara

6.3.28. Roy Allen III

6.3.29. Neil H. Berkow

7. Awards and Nominations

7.1. Chapter 1

7.1.1. Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Best Actress Rose Byrne Best Supporting Actress Best Video Release Film Best Score Joseph Bishara

7.1.2. Frightmeter Awards Best Horror Movie Best Supporting Actress Lin Shaye

7.1.3. IGN Summer Movie Awards IGN People's Choice Award: Best Horror Movie

7.1.4. Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival Titra Film Award James Wan

7.2. Chapter 2

7.2.1. Fangoria Chainsaw Awards Best Actor (2nd Place) Patrick Wilson Best Wide-Release Film (Nominated)

7.2.2. Fright Meter Awards (Nominations) Best Special Effect Best Ensemble Cast Best Director James Wan Best Actor Patrick Wilson Best Screenplay Leigh Whannell Best Score Joseph Bishara Best Cinematography

7.2.3. Golden Schmoes Awards Nominations Best Horror Movie of the Year

7.3. Chapter 3

7.3.1. Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films, USA (Nominated) Saturn Award: Best Horror Film

7.3.2. Empire Awards, UK (Nominated) Empire Award: Best Horror

7.3.3. Fright Meter Awards Nominated Best Actress Lin Shaye Best Special Effects

7.3.4. Palm Springs International Film Festival Directors to Watch Leigh Whannell

7.3.5. Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards (Nominated) Best Movie Leigh Whannell

7.3.6. Young Entertainer Awards Best Supporting Young Actor-Feature Film Tate Berney

8. Pictures

8.1. 1

8.2. 2

8.3. 3

8.4. 4

8.5. 5

8.6. 6

8.7. 7

8.8. 8