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TD by Mind Map: TD

1. People

1.1. Dominic Mercuri (EVP and Chief Marketing Officer)

1.2. Chris Stamper (SVP, Business Marketing Planning)

1.3. Theresa McLaughlin (EVP, Global CMO)

1.4. Patrick McLean(EVP & Chief Marketing Officer)

1.5. Tom Diavolitsis ( SVP Marketing Planning and Customer Strategy)

1.6. Allegra Sandelli ( Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing Communications)

1.7. Patrick McLean( EVP & CMO , TD Bank)

1.7.1. Arianna Orpello (SVP, Brand, Acquisition, Digital)

1.8. Vinoo Vijay ( EVP & Chief Marketing Officer)

1.8.1. Shannon Van Rassel (AVP - NA Direct Marketing) Shanlee Hansen (Associate Vice President, Marketing Communications)

1.8.2. Claudine Dupont ( Vice President, Global Brand and Corporate Sponsorship) Clare Sylvestre (Brand Analyst) Joel Donin (Brand Strategist) Susan Rowland (Sr. Manager)

1.8.3. Helen McEvoy (VP Customer Strategy & Analytics)

1.8.4. Tyrell Schmidt ( VP, Global Brand, Customer Insights, Experience and Innovation) James McSorley (AVP, Customer Insights and Experience) Philippe Conliff (Senior Manager, Customer Insights and Experience) Jennifer Lang (AVP, Customer & Brand Insights)

1.8.5. Cheryl Radisa (Vice President, Marketing Communications - Integrated Campaigns, Content & Retail Brand Experience)

1.9. Rizwan Khalfan (EVP, Chief Digital and Payments Office)

1.9.1. Wendy Arnott (Vice President, Customer Experience & Innovation) Kavita Joshi (Associate Vice President, Social Media)

1.9.2. Imran Khan ( Vice President, Digital Customer Experience) Vipul Lalka ( Associate Vice President, Head of North American Mobile Banking, )

1.9.3. Michael Coyne ( SVP Digital Program Strategy, Next Generation Platforms)

1.9.4. Stephen Schroth (Vice President, Special Initiatives)

1.9.5. Angel Kadelski (VP, Head of Small Business Fintech Sales Distribution)

1.9.6. Jeff Martin (Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Channels, Innovation)

1.9.7. Dean Anderson ( SVP, Head of North American Digital Channels Operations, Governance )

1.10. Theresa McLaughlin (Global CMO)

2. Q4 2016

2.1. Intelligence Gathering

2.2. Our VP Relationships

2.2.1. Claudine Dupont

2.2.2. Kavita Joshi

2.2.3. Shannon Van Rassel

2.3. Pitches

2.3.1. Digital Transformation Track (Kavita) = Generic Digital Transformation (Claudine) Brand Architecture

2.3.2. Direct Marketing Track (Shannon) Audience Manager (Shannon) Indesign powered opportunities (Erin's Boss) Self-Help

3. Q1 2016

3.1. Relationships

3.1.1. (Imran) = Generic Digital Transformation

3.1.2. (Wendy) = Intelligence Gathering

4. New York Team

4.1. Kevin Nemeth

4.2. Jennifer Brain-Mennes

4.3. Colin Krug

4.4. Jamie Triplett

4.5. Arianna Orpello

5. Canada Org Structure