English 102

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English 102 by Mind Map: English 102

1. My Course Goals

1.1. Convention

1.1.1. Learn  to: Cite works correctly Write for different generes

1.2. Critical Thinking and Composing

1.2.1. Learn to: Research Primary & Secondary Sources Appropriate Quality Creditalble Use Sources to Support argument Make a better presentation

1.3. Rhetorical Awareness

1.3.1. Learn to: Respond to text Use appropriate

1.4. Reflection and Revison

1.4.1. Learn to: Adapt & Revise for different audiences Effectively use instructor and peer input

2. Instructor's Goal and Objectives

2.1. Rhetorical Awareness

2.1.1. Read Contribution to rhetorical knowledge

2.1.2. Develop response to writings Use of: Design Medium Tone Voice Level of Formality

2.1.3. Analyzing text Audience Purpose Context

2.1.4. Analyzing genres Composing practices Reading

2.2. Critical Thinking and Composing

2.2.1. Research Methods Primary Secondary Are sources reliable

2.2.2. Incorporate evidence Summaries Visuals Quotations Paraphrase

2.2.3. Argument Support with several sources Based on creditable research Development

2.3. Reflection and Revison

2.3.1. Flexibility Revisions Local Global Adapt to technologies

2.3.2. Identify writing process aspects Collaborative Social

2.3.3. Evaluate Peer & Instructor feedback

2.3.4. Reflect Writing process

2.4. Conventions

2.4.1. Correct use of Structure Grammar Mechanics Punctuation Spelling

2.4.2. Genre Varying Paragraphing Structure Mechanics Format Tone Design

2.4.3. Citation

2.4.4. Intellectual property