Behaviour Assessments

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Behaviour Assessments by Mind Map: Behaviour Assessments

1. Behavioural and Emotional Rating Scale - Second Edition

1.1. Can be used in a variety of settings not just psychologists

1.2. For children ages 5-18 years

1.3. Uses rating scales from three perspectives to measure behaviour

1.4. Identifies behaviour and emotional strengths as well as areas of need

1.5. Scales use norms based on children without and with emotional and behavioural disorders (teacher rating scale)

2. Behaviour Assessment System for Children (BASC)

2.1. evaluates behaviour and self-perception for children ages 2 years 6 months to 18 years

2.2. provides a diagnosis and educational classification for a range of emotional and behavioural difficulties

2.3. Designs treatment plans

2.4. Use by registered psychologists

3. Adaptive Behaviour Assessment System

3.1. Assesses adaptive skills

3.1.1. Home Living

3.1.2. Self-Care

3.1.3. Functional Academics

3.1.4. Community

3.1.5. Leisure

3.1.6. Health and Safety

3.1.7. Self-Direction

3.2. Evaluates 3 areas of adaptive behaviour using composite norms

3.2.1. conceptual

3.2.2. social

3.2.3. practical

3.3. Can also assess for learning challenges, speech and language, hearing and neuropsychological disorders

3.4. Provides different scoring forms based on the person scoring (e.g., teacher, parent)

3.4.1. Also helps identify associated interventions and monitor a child's progress with that intervention