NZPCA topics - meetings

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NZPCA topics - meetings by Mind Map: NZPCA topics - meetings

1. SIGs

1.1. Hardware

2. Committee

3. AGM

4. Computers

4.1. Activities

4.1.1. Multimedia Video Capturing Editing TV Movies DVD Authoring Ripping Transcoding Audio Recording Transmitting Transcoding Players Photography Picasa Photofiltre Digital Cameras Scanning Images Graphics file formats

4.1.2. Internet Consuming RSS Google Products Searching Popular web sites Podcasting Shoutcast Publishing Blogging RSS Web 2.0 Flickr Building Web pages Transport Connecting FTP HTTP P2P Usenet IRC

4.1.3. Office Stuff Spreadsheets Wordprocessing PowerPoint Best practice Using styles Templates Backups

4.1.4. Communication IM Skype/VOIP Usenet RSS Email IRC Net Meeting

4.2. Hardware

4.2.1. PC Systems

4.2.2. Non PC systems Nokia 770 PDAs Palm systems Pocket PC Photoframe Short product demo HD Recorders MP3 players Product demo - file formats, podcasts, DRM

4.2.3. Peripherals Digital Microscope Could repeat old HuttSIG demo to Wellington Dual Monitors Input devices - wireless keyboards, mice etc. TV Tuners, recording Printers

4.2.4. Management SMART Followup demo to article in Megabyte Backups Demo some of the many free systems available, plus basic strategies Hard Drives The Registry Data Recovery Insert, Forensics

4.2.5. How it works

4.2.6. Networking Wireless Ethernet

4.3. Software

4.3.1. Freeware

4.3.2. Open Source

4.3.3. Commercial

4.3.4. Accessibilty Aids for visually impaired Speech recognition Text to speech

4.3.5. System Utilities Firewalls Spyware Antivirus

4.3.6. Windows Vista WinPE, BartPE

4.3.7. Linux Knoppix

4.4. History + Social

4.4.1. Documentaries Either view at meetings or make available to members "Go Open" "Pirates of Silicon Valley" NerdTV series (downloads)

4.4.2. Visits to installations NIWA

4.4.3. Presentations History of Progeny (Perce Harpham) Paradise - Shane Cole Welcom BBS