Change Management Responsibilities in a project team

A mindmap showing typical responsibilities in change management

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Change Management Responsibilities in a project team by Mind Map: Change Management Responsibilities in a project team

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2. Change  Manager

2.1. Manage change management process

2.2. Implement change management policies

2.3. Log change requests

2.4. Communicate Change Management process & policies

3. Change Approval Board

3.1. Review & approve or reject changes

3.2. Set change management tolerances

3.3. Approve change management process

3.4. Change Management policies

4. Project Manager

4.1. Accountable: Register change on change log

4.2. Assess the change

4.3. Inform requestor of result of result of assessment

4.4. Amend project plans & risk & issue log as applicable

4.5. Update the change log

4.6. Implement the change

5. Program Manager

5.1. Support Change Management process

5.2. Consult with Change Approval Board

5.3. Update Program plans to reflect changes

6. Project Team

6.1. Identify and raise change requests

6.2. Implement changes

6.3. Assist with Change Request Assessments

7. Project Sponsor

7.1. Accountable- Inform stakeholders of CAB decision

7.2. Consulted - Review & approve or reject the  change