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simple future by Mind Map: simple future

1. Use of the WILL

1.1. Used to express future predictions, promises, to make decisions at the moment to speak, to order something so formal or educated and offer something

1.1.1. YES WAY I will dance You will dance He will dance She will dance It will dance We will dance You will dance They will dance

1.1.2. INTERROGATIVE MODE Will i dance? Will you dance? Will he dance? Will She dance? Will it dance? Will we dance? Will you dance? Will they dance?

1.1.3. NEGATIVE MODE I will not dance You will not dance He will not dance She will not dance It will not dance We will not dance You will not dance They will not dance


2.1. Is used to express an intention that we have planned, to discuss plans for the future will be to undertake short-term, and to make predictions of the future from a sure fact

2.1.1. YES WAY I am going to going to swim He is going to Shopping Center

2.1.2. INTERROGATIVE MODE Am i going to swim? Is he going to Shopping center?

2.1.3. NEGATIVE MODE I am not going to swim He is not going to Shopping center

3. The future Simple is a tense is used to describe actions that they will develop in the future without the need to clarify in that time there will be

3.1. Example

3.1.1. I will study the lesson

3.1.2. He will travel to London

3.1.3. They will buy a new car

4. Also used to express the time in which the action will take place

4.1. Example

4.1.1. Susan will visit her mother tomorrow

4.1.2. John will travel to New York the next month.

5. The future simple is can form using WILL or using BE GOING TO

5.1. Example

5.1.1. I will be here tomorrow morning

5.1.2. I am going to go to the gym twice a week