Child Obesity

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Child Obesity by Mind Map: Child Obesity

1. Causes

1.1. Lack of Healthy Food

1.1.1. The lack of healthy food cause children to develop unhealthy habits that will change their lives for forever.

1.2. Not Enough Physical Activity

1.2.1. Not having enough physical activity as a child can prevent the body to grow and function as it should.

1.3. beverage consumption trends

1.3.1. Soda is one of the fastest and easiest ways that children have been gaining uncontrolled weight.

1.4. Emotional difficulties

1.4.1. As children gain weight they become more scared and nervous about their bodies. this causes them to become more antisocial.

1.5. Decline of family meals

1.5.1. Having a decline is family meals has been one of the causes as parents aren't controlling what their children are eating.

2. Health Problems Associated With Obesity

2.1. Cardiovascular Disease

2.2. Metabolic Syndrome

2.3. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

2.4. Liver Disease

2.5. Asthma

2.6. Orthopedic Problems

2.7. Cancer

3. Treatment

3.1. Involving parents

3.1.1. Parents need to get involved because they have a huge influence in their children lives. They need to be good examples to their children.

3.2. Eat family meals together

3.2.1. Eating as a family help children know when they should stop eating. Parents can also monitor what their children are eating.

3.3. Exercise Regularly

3.3.1. Exercising regularly helps children to build a better lifestyle and also develop stronger bodies to help the children's lives that much more.

3.4. Eat Nutrient Rich Food

3.4.1. Eating nutrient rich foods helps the body function the way it should and they also are lower in fat.

4. People effected by Child Obesity

4.1. Children

4.1.1. They are effected as they are the ones that have a lot of the problem.

4.2. Parents

4.2.1. They have the responsibility to help their children have a better life style.

4.3. Friends

4.3.1. They have to see their friends suffer and not be able too participate in everything the do.

4.4. Society

4.4.1. Society is highly effected because Children are learning a bad lifestyle which in turn will shorten their lives.