Multimedia Hardware and Software

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Multimedia Hardware and Software by Mind Map: Multimedia Hardware and Software

1. Four basic stage 1. Planning and costing 2. Designing and Producing 3. Testing 4. Delivering

2. Software -Text editing and word processing tools -OCR software -Planning tools  *allow to create and modify bitmap            images -Drawing tools  *allow to crate and modify vector              graphics  -3-D modeling tools  *allow  to rendering of objects in a            three-dimensional perspective  -Image editing tools -Sound editing tools

3. Authoring Systems -Authoring tools     *allow developers to organize and edit the        multimedia elements of multimedia projects -Types of authoring tools  *Card- and pages-based authoring tools  *Icon- and object-based authoring tools  *Time- based authoring tools -Objects -Choosing an authoring tools  *Editing and organizing features  *Programming features  *interactivity features  *Performance tuning and playback features  *Delivery, cross-platform and internet play ability    features

4. The Intangible - Creativity - Organization - Communication

5. Multimedia Skills -Main roles in the team *Project Manager *Multimedia Designer *Interface Manager *Writer *Audio/Video Specialist *Multimedia Programmer

6. Hardware -Production platforms -Windows vs. Macintosh -Connections -IDE -USB -FireWire -Memory and Storage devices  *RAM  *ROM  *Hard Disks  *flash or thumb drives  *DVD or Blue-ray discs -Input devices -Output devices